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Who we are...

The Rolla Animal Shelter is a small municipal Shelter in rural Missouri maintained and operated by the Animal Control Division of the Rolla Police Department. Our Shelter houses approximately 1700 to 1800 animals yearly and we currently have a 66% adoption rate.  We welcome the help of all Rescue Groups. Unfortunately we are not capable of transporting animals to you; however we may be able to connect you with local Rescues that may be able to assist you with the transport of an animal. Do to the high and quick turn-over, adoptions are on a first come, first served basis. The shelter cannot hold animals for anyone. If you are interested in a particular animal, you may want to contact the shelter before you visit, to ensure that the animal has not already been adopted.

Mission Statement...

The Animal Control Section of the Rolla Police Department is first and foremost charged with the safety of the Public; the protection of injured, abuse or neglected animals and the responsibility of enforcing all laws pertaining to animals (both domestic and wild).

We are committed to...

Adoption Requirements...

When adopting any animal from the Rolla Animal Shelter you will be asked to pay an adoption fee of $35.00, which includes rabies vaccinations, and to sign an adoption contract. In this contract you will be asked to agree to the following:

If you adopt an adult animal you will be required to spay/neuter and vaccinate this animal within thirty (30) days; if you adopt a puppy or kitten you must spay/neuter the animal by the time it is six (6) month old and vaccinate the puppy or kitten by the time it is four (4) month old.

Spaying/neutering and animal adopted from any Missouri Shelter is a requirement pursuant to Sections 273.400 to 273.405 of the Missouri Animal Care and Facilities Act.

Unfortunately most of our animals are strays and their medical history is unknown to us. Funding for routine preventative medical care is not available to us; therefore animals impounded at our shelter will only be vaccinated, spayed or neutered if the previous owners has done so. We are however able to perform a limited health and temperament evaluation before our animals are put up for adoption. We are not able to provide any guaranties and therefore any animal that shows health and/or temperament problems may be exchanged within a two (2) week period following the date of adoption.

Adoption Hours

Monday–Saturday: Noon - 4pm
Closed on Holidays

Rolla Animal Shelter
1915 Sharp Road

Rolla, MO 65401
Phone: (573) 364-6995


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