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Who We Are

Bear Creek Rescue & Sanctuary is a private, stand alone safe haven/sanctuary for unwanted equines, along with several other species. We do not, have never, nor will never euthanize for space. We accept placement of all species by private treaty only from local veterinarians' referrals, law enforcement, court seizures, and donation via owner's bequeath or written request. We have 10 different breeds here of feral & domestic horses, mules, ponies and burros from all over the US & Canada, as well as dogs, cats, llamas, cows, chickens, potbelly pigs, sheep, goats, ducks & geese, all of them rescues. We are a medical rescue and can accept animals with treatable chronic health problems or injuries. Our goal is to provide these abandoned, abused, and neglected animals with lifetime quality care, recovery, rehabilitation, and a future safe from ending up at the slaughter plant for the remainder of their natural days. When their time with us comes to an end, all animals here are given a decent, respectful burial on the farm. It's the right thing to do. Some animals here are not adoptable due to age, health, or high risk safety issues resulting from earlier abuse. We do however, network with other reputable rescues nationwide, transferring and accepting transfers when the change is in the best interest of the animal due to climate, or special treatment available at particular veterinary hospital facilities in another part of the country. We do process private adoptions via National Great Pyrenees Rescue, according to their protocol. Our adopters are highly valued & irreplaceable. Just in time for holiday giving, National Great Pyrenees Rescue has received the highest rating for transparency and accountability given by GuideStar USA, Inc., which rates not-for-profits. Only 5% of the 35,000 non-profit organizations rated by GuideStar achieve the Gold Star level. Donations are the biggest part of our income and December is the busiest donation month. We are a volunteer organization, so all donations go to the dogs—not for expensive executive salaries or pricey national advertising campaigns. Our focus is 100% on the dogs. Please visit our Annual Pyr Appeal page to click in and leave a donation and your personal message under our holiday tree. Thank you to all those who have donated and our heartfelt thanks to everyone for caring about the dogs. Retiring after 40 yrs in the fields of law enforcement (husband), & hospital therapy (wife), our focus is to provide lifetime sanctuary to the aged, unwanted animals. However, since March 2012, we have remained at 3x capacity with a waiting list. We take more as we can, pending life saving adoptions.
Bear Creek Rescue
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