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We take animals from the city limits of Festus only, and an appt. is necessary to view any adoptable or impounded animals...or go to our web page at www.cityoffestus.org....click on Departments/Animal Control and follow the link. Adoption fee, of $60, covers the spay/neuter and the rabie vaccination.

Who We Are

City of Festus Animal Care and Control is here to: -1) help educate the public on animal care - 2) hold an owner responsible for the behaviour and well being of their pets -3) ensure the safety of the public from potential health problems spread by disease -4) remove sick and uncared for strays from the streets -5) Find responsible owners for as many of the pets we take in, as possible. Messages can be left on my phone 24/7 regardless of office hours, just by dialing my extension # 115 at: 636 937 6646. Please, always leave a phone number I can reach you at, regardless of the situation you are calling about. Your help is what allows me to do my job well! The majority of pets I receive come to me from people who obtained their pet "free" from the newspaper or store parking lots. The original owners, feel they are doing a good thing, by finding their pets a home ...not realizing that many people who obtain their pets this way, do not keep them very long and call Animal Control when the animal is no longer cute or fun. If people could just recognize the importance of spaying and neutering, our facilities would not see the thousands of animals a year, that we have to eliminate because there just are not enough people and homes to take in all the dogs and cats that are born each year. www.cityoffestus.org click on Departments...then Animal Control...follow the link to my web page

Adopting a friend

Contact me to inquire what animals are available OR visit our web page, linked to: http://.cityoffestus.org/ Many times when people contact me, fearful that they may have to give their pet up, I help them advertise their pet on the web page...and give them ideas on the kind of questions to ask to help ensure the animal is going to a good home.

Come Visit Us!

The kennel can only be visited by making an appt ...call and ask whats available and if you are then interested in seeing a particular animal, we will make arrangements to meet...Not all available pets are kept at the kennel...many are in foster care, but ALL are listed on the web page and/or Petfinder. Messages can be left on my ext (#115) 24/7.
Festus Animal Control
950 N Fifth St

Festus, MO 63028
Phone: 636-937-6646 ext. 115

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