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All of our dogs are special, and are featured pets of the week. We cannot in good conscience pick one pound dog over another that deserves a chance to be adopted into a forever home. Many of our dogs have once been beloved members of a family, and are now, for some reason, lost or discarded. Others have not yet had that opportunity, but are ready. Please look into their faces and find one you can adopt and love. Then, you will know you adopted that most special dog of the month.

Who We Are

This page is in memory of the dogs and cats that have died alone in a shelter because no one could get to them in time to save them. We are a team of two who intend to do anything within our power to change the world for as many dogs as we can. We rescue in memory of those we did not save.

OUR MISSION ---The mission of 4 The Love of K9s is to help homeless, needy, unwanted, and abandoned dogs find loving forever homes whether it be through us or by being transferred to another licensed rescue or no kill facility.

We prefer to spay/neuter after four months of age. For this reason, we do not adopt younger puppies to out-of-area adopters. We hope you understand this requirement is because of our concern for the health of the puppies in our care.

The dogs we have posted are in foster homes or in other holding facilities. If you are interested in learning more about, or adopting, any of the dogs, please email Sherry theloveofK9s@yahoo.com

Adopting a friend

When considering one of our dogs for adoption, please remember that if they could talk, some of them would undoubtedly tell you of a past full of betrayal at the hands of humans. Many are learning to trust again. At the same time, some of these dogs are so happy-go-lucky that you will not be able to wait for them to become part of your family. Our goal is to find the right placement, whether it be a rescue, a no-kill shelter or a private adoption so they never have to be in the situation to be "placed" again. We will answer every question to the best of our knowledge and will always be honest and open when it comes to the animal's suitability for a home. This will help us achieve our goal of safely placing as many dogs as we can and will also ensure that you are getting a dog that will be the perfect fit for your family.

Come Visit Us!

Please visit our website often. It changes rapidly. If you are interested in a particular dog, please email us anytime. We will do our best to respond within 24 hours as a lot of these dogs are on borrowed time, but also please remember our job is not 9:00 to 5:00. Dogs are injured and in need 24 hours per day, seven days a week. We spend much of our time with the dogs, and at these times we may not be able to respond to your call.

Please feel free to call and leave a message any time of day. We will return your call as soon as possible. Appointments can be made to see the dogs that are in foster homes and pounds.

The adoption fee for our dogs helps pay for the spay/neuter, immunizations, and other care until they are adopted by their forever families. To continue in our mission to save as many lives as we can, bills must be paid. We are determined to stay the course and continue "Making a Difference, One Dog at a Time."

There are also many things you can do to help that don't cost a dime. Since we do not advertise, word of mouth is how we get our name out there. If you know of someone looking to adopt a pet, tell them about us. We will do our best to find the perfect family dog. We are in constant need of short and long term foster homes, transporters to drive short distances, donated items to be sold at garage sales, used travel carriers, blankets and towels and dog treats and food for our furballs to have en route to their new home. You can always contact us at the email address or phone number listed here.
4 The Love of K9s
Springfield, MO
Springfield, MO 65810
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Email: theloveofK9s@yahoo.com
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