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Advantages to adopting an adult dog: 1. Adult purebred dogs are what you see; you know how big the dog is, what color it is, the coat length and how much grooming will be required. 2. You can see the adult dog's personality. (keeping in mind that some things can change when the dog is established in your home). 3. You do not have to go through the time and effort of puppyhood. 4. You will enjoy the feeling of saving the dog's life (adult dogs are less likely to be adopted than puppies) and receive the dog's love, gratitude and companionship for many years to come.

Who We Are

We are a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and rehoming of scottish terriers in need. All of our Scotties are completely vetted: up-to-date with shots; spayed/neutered; heartworm checked; home socialized and groomed before they are available for adoption.

Adopting a friend

Adopt a Rescue Dog for the right reasons. The decision to add a dog to your life is not one to be made lightly or on impulse. Evaluate your needs and the needs of your family. This is a long-term commitment. Determine how much time you can devote to the care and love for the dog. Nurturing is just as important as feeding, grooming and training. Are all your family members committed to adding a "new member" to the family? Will a dog fit in with your present living arrangements? Having a fenced yard, and children over the age of 8 are priorities of this rescue organization.

Thank you for your interest in our Scotties!

Donations of time, money and provisions (such as dog food, blankets, towels, grooming supplies, feed dishes, toys, etc.) are always needed to ensure that all Scottish Terriers that require rescue/adoption services get the help they require and the care they deserve. For all scottie lovers, please check out - all proceeds from purchases at this site go to St. Louis Scottish Terrier Rescue. If you are interested in helping St. Louis Scottish Terrier Rescue in any way, please contact us. Find out more about us online. Thank you for your help and support.
St Louis Area Scottish Terrier Rescue
St. Louis, MO 63136
Phone: 314/383-5778

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