What truly lies behind the beauty of the forest is a dark, horrible truth

Southen Missouri has one of the most beautiful, rugged forest terrains in the US. With large amounts of wilderness owned by the government, surrounded by small farming townships, the odds are that lost or abandoned dogs will wind up outside the reach of any municipality or rescue.

Often what these dogs and puppies do face is wildlife, hungry and wise; disease, starvation, desolation, fear or violent death by gunfire. The scattered small towns with mock animal control and one dog pounds offer little more. It's the disgrace that the beauty of the Ozarks diguises.

This forum offers these dogs a chance at safe, screened options for sanctuary. When people have options, they can amaze you! The same dog they would have shot rather than be "stuck" with, they will keep safe with confidence in our assurance that temporary sanctuary is all they need and a promising future is possible.

PLEASE NOTE:This site is intended to be a communication forum. NO ANIMALS ARE HOUSED BY THE FORUM! It is intended for all dogs in need of a positive change in their lives. It's our goal to screen potential new owners, potential foster parents and potential rescues in hopes of making a difference for the dogs in Southern Missouri who are rurally located and without services. No guarantees are expressed or implied in regards to any of these dogs.

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Life for a puppy born to a Missouri farm dog

They start out like all precious new life, small and unaware, seeking nourishment and warmth. It's only a few short weeks before they will be yanked from their mother, the only warmth, safety, and love they have ever known. Thrown in a pick-up truck.........the vibrations and the noise, the roar of the gears jamming down the country highway......the awful smell of exhaust......their little hearts pound yet they are unaware of what lies ahead. The same harsh, painful grasp that pulled them from their mother just minutes before thrusts them into a world that is huge, dangerous, and cold. "Where is my mother??!! I am so scared!!" As the truck pulls away, the little ones sit on the edge of the asphalt road that holds the first danger they must face. The hesitant bearing witness to the demise of those that dare to toddle into traffic's way. Survival of the fittest the locals say...the way of the forest they say.........the sun sets so gently and gloriously releasing the night hunters. Coyotes, raccoons, fox, large cats, human hunters with large dogs are just the beginning as a wet cold falls over the early morning, they grow hungry and now have lost all hope that they will ever find their mother. She sits back at the farm with a sad heart, but accepts her loss; she doesn't know any other way. She is just glad when they bring her food and aren't mean. Those are good days.

A few lucky puppies might find a farm house where they can share their mother's life of neglect and never knowing love. However, Mother Nature frequently prevails and some grow to be great hunters! They can survive on rabbits and squirrel and robbing the occasional garbage can. Its only a matter of time before they cross that line and hit a chicken house or a new born calf.........if they are lucky, the farmer will kill them on the spot.......if they are not.........they then become the hunted. They put a crimp in the food chain and our natural predator populations run short of food.........forcing the heart of the wild to clash hard with the will of the farmer! Everyone loses when dogs are dumped.....abandoned.......dogs bred irresponsibly and relentlessly in hopes of that one great hound dog or that one fabulous livestock dog...........the dozens of "failures" that result fall victim to a harsh, cold fate.


This little girl was found in this drainage pipe

Witnesses tearfully tell of how she was so violently thrust from a moving truck that her hip was dislocated and her leg broken


This young male was living with MEAN drunks in a town with a Breed Specific Ban......he wasn't safe outside or inside!

This dog lived on corn cobs in his small town prison home. Neighbors confessed they had seen the dog beaten till he lay still in his own blood. They tell of a time they thought he would die as he lay beaten and battered at the hand of his owner. He pulled through on sheer will just to face more abuse from the ONLY human he had ever known in his young life.

The first time this baby enjoyed a biscuit or kibble was in the back of his rescuer's car!! Right in the face of city admin. and NOTHING was done!!


This darling boy was born to a Cattle dog on a deep woods family farm. They had this dog for over a year since it's birth, it was the only puppy who didn't roam off to his death. They did not feed him but he just stayed around.

Volunteers responded to pleas from the children of the family, learning during the initial visit that they "Kept meaning to kill him, but never got around to it"

Lived on the same farm where he was born, over a year old and this dog rated so low he didn't even have a NAME! When his rescue day came, he vomited fresh rabbit in his rescuer's car!!! The only way he knew to eat.


The dogs listed on this page are in need from different resources. They are not centrally located and they are not suitable for all situations.

*Owner Turn-ins* These are dogs whose owners want to continue to care for the dogs while new parents are found through this site. These are often dogs that have had great housedog experiences and are successfully adopted.

*Commercial Breeding Facility Retirees* These guys are often purebred. Retirees from the baby business and in search of a couch, warmth, care and love. Unfortunately, in most cases, these guys have had no housedog experience and limited loving contact with humans. They need to learn how to enjoy the life of a housedog and often are successfully adopted and can put their past behind them. Some cannot overcome and will spend a lifetime in foster care.

*Dogs in crisis* Typically, this would be dogs on death row or in trouble in other rescues. Sometimes they are found but cannot stay in that location as it threathens their life or induces suffering that is too horrible to allow to continue such as: starvation, abuse or a threatening human.

We are always glad to share the background of any dog. Full disclosure and careful matching of dogs to new homes is a critical step in the measures we take to assure a secure future.

The primary function of this site is to get dogs to safety. Sometimes that means a private home, but many times it means to groups that have foster care programs of their own. We all share our homes with dogs, however, no facilities, kennel, or organized groups are behind the efforts of the individuals involved. We are a band of citizens who work to find safety for the dogs. We are volunteers.

We are always interested in any group or individual who would like to offer an Olive Branch to the dogs in danger. If you have something to offer dogs in need, please write in!!

The Rights of Southern Missouri Dogs

To be treated with dignity and kindness

To never be hit, murdered, or kept by hurtful, harmful humans

To be safely altered to prevent repeated pregnancies

To enjoy food, water, shelter-the very cornerstones of survival

To never be abandoned

To never live in fear

To always be able to play, love, live, and grow

To never be tethered or held in cruel confines

To benefit from the same discretion as any other dog

To be recognized as a precious life that DOES matter

To never be banished to the outside of their family unit

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You can help by donating blankets, dog food, supplies, gas cards, money, cat related items, bleach, towels, leashes or even consider fostering a dog! Fostering is the backbone of a successful program! All donations are tax deductible!

PLEASE NOTE:The dogs on this site are not under any protective body, no rescue, gov't., pound, Humane Society catch area............NOTHING!!!

These dogs are not necessarily safe where they are!!

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Send any questions or concerns to ozarksummer@yahoo.com

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Wonder where the money goes? Wonder where the dogs go? Wonder if your support is really making that much difference?? Wonder no more.....read the stories..............

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