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We offer our service to find your loving pet a new home at no cost. Donations are accepted but not demanded or required.

Who We Are

Bush Whacker Farm Shelter was formed to protect, place and rehabilitate those animals that have unfortunately not found their forever homes. We specialize in the Great Pyrenees breed and we rescue small pure bred dogs animal companions. Our focus is to locate a forever home and the best match for the rescued dogs as well their new owner. Our rescue program is organized and conducted from our home, in a little town named Warrenton Missouri. My husband and I began our rescue program when we started as a foster home for Great Pyrenees. Our first rescue Great Pyrenees was transported to us from the state of Louisiana while we were at a Civil War Event as re-enactors,and from there is were we became the Bush Whacker Farm Rescuers of Missouri. Our son who still lives at home. He has been a very strong participant in helping with the daily care of all the animals on our farm. Our other residents are Sally (The Great Pyrenees house Queen), Bubba (The brave Chicken and Duck Livestock Guardian), Shelby and Brendan (The Pasture King and Queen Livestock Guardians) along with the Civil War Reenacting Horses(Nathan Bedford Forest, John Mosby the Grey Ghost, Sterling Price, and the famous Mr. Ed), Sicilian Donkeys (Bell Star, Ezarelda James, and Nasty Jack the Stud), and let us not forget the ever most Famous Fainting goats, General Lee, Stonewall Jackson and there lady fainting goats in waiting. Yes, it sounds like we live in a zoo and there is many more different animals here to that have not been mention that keeps us all very busy. Everything here has brought us many days of laughter and enjoyment which makes it all worth while in doing. After all, we have spent many of years wanting to have a farm like this and a chance to live in the country. We are very thankful to have the blessings that God has given us to be able to assist his helpless creatures. We have looked at the pictures of the rescued Great Pyrenees that have been rescued at our farm and we are so delighted that we had the chance to find good homes for all that had found their weary way to us. As you well know that rescuing animals is costly, (donations are greatly appreciated when offered to cover the expense) but the payment of a wag of a tail or a kiss on the cheek makes it all worth while. Jeff and I both work full time as well as Civil War Re-enact and run our farm. As usually we running around here like crazy chickens, meaning there is plenty of work to do. If you can leave a message we will call back. We work hard to find the most suitable home for each animal.

Adopting a friend

The adoption donation fees are based on our investment on each animal. The cost and whatever medical the rescue animal has to have once it gets here. We do not have a long application process. We do however what to meet with you, ( we DO NOT ship) We would like to know about your family and your home. This is more to make sure you are getting the pet that would fit you and what you are looking for best. All dogs have a forever home here, and they are always our main concern. We do follow-ups on each dog. We will call and check from time to time and see that all is going well. We ask that you be honest, we may be able to help if there is a problem. We offer a lifetime home on ALL our dogs and as I said above we do lots of follow-ups and try to stay in touch with all our new friends. They are all loving friends who just want a home to call their own. Each companion animal who is rescued is spayed or neutered, brought up to date on shots, heartworm tested, provided heartworm preventative, flea and tick preventative and lots of love and attention until the perfect forever home comes available. We spay and neuter of all companion animals in an effort to help correct the pet overpopulation problem in the Warren County and Missouri area. Bush Whacker Farm Shelter works closely with many Animal Control facility as well as other area Shelters to assist animals in need of placement rather than euthanasia. Please visit our companion animals for adoption, and consider helping similar organizations or shelters in your area. The process to adopt an animal will be to fill out a pre-adopt application, and home visit. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO FILL OUT AN APPLICATION YOU MAY DO SO BY SENDING A E-MAIL REQUEST FOR A APPLICATION. Thank you for having an interest to assist and wishing to adopt a rescued animal. How you can help, is to please advise your family and friends to spay or neuter their animals.

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Bush Whacker Farm Shelter of Missouri

Warrenton, MO 63383
Phone: (636) 262-4370

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