Safehaven Animal Rescue is back! A little history might be needed for those of you not familiar with this organization. I founded Safehaven in 2000. I moved to Cameron Missouri permanently in 1997 and decided to find a companion, my first after over twenty years. After many inquiries I discovered that the City of Cameron's Pound was an almost 100 percent kill facility with no adoptions allowed. With the help of the Cameron Citizen Observor and local citizens we persuaded the City of Cameron to allow Safehaven to take over the Pound. A year later the City took the Pound over and Safehaven became the adoption organization for the City. It's been a long bumpy, wonderful road, and over a thousand animals have been spared euthenasia. This year I decided to dissolve Safehaven for several reasons. One, I could dedicate more time to the 4 Paws, A Safehaven for Animals Shelter. Two, I was outraged at the State charging Rescue's and Shelter a per animal fee after the passing of Prop. B. I continued to help animals where I could, legally I might add. Things change and I resigned from the 4 Paws board and am in process of reinstating Safehaven Animal Rescue. We will continue to help where needed and work towards a Shelter for animals that have no place to go. With the help of the Good Lord and your support we will help another animal today, tomorrow, and the days weeks and years to come. Lana Sue Manion, Founder Safehaven Animal Rescue 602C2 Lana Drive Cameron, Missouri 64429 816 632 7989 Telephone