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On October 15, 2010 PRO was contacted by a shelter in Winfield, KS about 2 pregnant, heartworm positive pointers that were due to be euthanized the next day. They were turned into the shelter by their owner. Word quickly spread around Facebook and their guardian angel, Jessica, graciously came forward to foster not one, but both girls! Turns out one of the moms-to-be also had double cherry eye. Both the moms also come with FDSB registration papers.

Jessica took the dogs to a vet and their situation with the heartworm may not be as bad as we thought, and further testing, after they whelp the puppies, may even prove they do not have heartworm or a very mild case.

The vet felt both girls would start to deliver within 72 hours and sure enough, the next day they went into labor, both at the same time!! After 24 hours of labor, and with Jessica’s expert help, both girls delivered a total of 21 puppies, 9 for Jewels and 12 for Ruby. Photos of the moms and pups can be found on http://www.grandiosepointers.com/fosterpointer.cfm

These puppies are mixes. PRO was able to contact the former owner who turned the momma dogs in the shelter and he confirmed that the father of both litters is a black lab. So, we are calling them the "Pointador Puppies"!

Both moms will be spayed prior to adoption. We are also discussing with the vet the best solution to fix the cherry eye and look into the heartworm situation. All 21 puppies will also be up for adoption and will have their shots, along with spays and neuters.

What PRO could use help with now: Financial donations would be most welcome. Even a donation of $5 will help pay the medical expenses of the moms and their pups. You can use the PayPal link on our Home Page or mail your check to the address listed on the home page. If you are interested in making a non-monetory donation such as a gift card to PetSmart or other items of use for growing puppies, please email PROquiltRaffle@aol.com for more information on where to send your contribution. We will also need to find foster homes for the puppies when they are 8 weeks old. With 21 puppies, we need lots of homes. Please contact Tabitha pointermom@att.net if you can foster a puppy or 2 or 3.

PRO is taking pre-adoptions on the moms and puppies. Please fill out an Adoption Application and someone will be in touch with you.

Our Featured Pet...

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PRO is in DESPERATE NEED of volunteers to carry out the duties involved in rescuing these wonderful dogs. We are actively looking for help in the following areas:

FOSTER CARE: The dogs needing foster care on our pet list can't be saved without a place to go. Without foster homes these dogs will not get a second chance at the life they deserve.

TRANSPORT COORDINATION: In order to move dogs from shelters to their foster homes, and then eventually on to their forever homes, we need help in coordinating and monitoring transports. This is a very rewarding part of rescue with the opportunity of meeting some great people along the way!

INCOMING DOG COORDINATION: Since PRO is a nationwide rescue, each state has an assigned incoming dog coordinator. We have many volunteers covering multiple states at this time and need help with the increasing flow of dogs in need. Check it out and see if your home state is in need of a local volunteer.

How can YOU help?

1. Open your home to FOSTER a dog in need by completing a PointerRescue Volunteer Form

2. Free up an existing foster home by ADOPTING a rescue Pointer by filling out a PointerRescue Adoption Form

3. VOLUNTEER to help coordinate transports and the increasing flow of incoming dogs in need by filling out a PointerRescue Volunteer Form indicating what areas you are interested in helping out with. Together we can make a difference!!!

About Pointers...
They're Not Just For Hunting Anymore!

The English Pointer has long been considered the "Cadillac" of the upland bird dogs. Known for its tremendous ability to scent out game and freeze like a statue or point, the Pointer is a popular breed for those who enjoy the thrill and challenge of bird hunting. However, the Pointer is more than "just a birddog."

Pointers are quite suitable for family life, in fact they thrive in it. They get along well with people of all ages. While they are an active breed that can make excellent jogging, walking or horsebackriding partners, they also enjoy snuggling up on a couch and watching TV with their favorite person. They are intelligent dogs that are generally easy to train and seem to have a sense of humor all their own. In addition to hunting, Pointers have also excelled in other venues such as agility, obedience, tracking and search & rescue.

For more information on living with a pointer, check our webpage "Thinking About Adopting a Rescue Pointer?"


2010 has been a successful year for Pointer Rescue. We have found many pointers new homes and have done our part in saving countless pointers who were in danger of being put down in shelters. Along with these successes come the expenses that occur in rescue work. We are grateful for the many people who have donated money, time and their homes and hearts to make our mission successful. However, as with all rescue groups, we are always in need of more help, both financial and volunteer. To donate to Pointer Rescue or to help in other areas to carry on our mission of "pointing" these dogs to their forever homes, go to our PointerRescue Volunteer Form. You can send also send a donation for Pointer Rescue to:
Nancy Mori
PointerRescue.Org., Inc.
160 Finley Road
Bridgeton, NJ 08302

Who We Are

PointerRescue Organization, Inc., formed in 1999, is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of Pointers in need. This national rescue group has volunteers coast to coast and in Canada and other countries who work to identify Pointers that are no longer wanted or in danger of being killed in shelters, bring them into foster care, and find suitable "forever homes." While some dogs that come through PRO are surrendered by the owners, the overwhelming majority are abandoned on the streets or found in shelters. In foster homes, the dogs are spayed or neutered, assured that they are vaccinated and heartworm negative and are monitored to determine their behavior and personality traits in order to match them with the perfect home.

We are always in need of volunteers to help foster, transport our dogs. Would you consider being a part of Pointer Rescue?

Adopting a friend

The adoption fee is generally $250. Puppies (under a year) are $300. Our senior dogs, who are in special need of homes can be adopted for less. With that, your new friend will be up to date on immunizations, spayed or neutered and heartworm tested.
If you are interested in adopting a pointer, please fill out the adoption form at PointerRescue Adoption Form

Come Visit Us!

To find out more about our pointers available for adoption or volunteering with PointerRescue, please check out our website:

PointerRescue Org
160 Finley Road
Bridgeton, NJ 08302

Email: cnmiller221@aol.com
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