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Parrots are unique pets: long lived, extremely intelligent flock animals - they are very different from a domesticated dog or cat. This is part of what makes the bond between parrot and owner so special, but it can also present unique challenges. A parrot's very long lifespan alone means that most will live in more than one home during their lifetimes. Many birds find themselves suddenly homeless, as long time caregivers face major life changes. Advancing age, divorce and career changes such as job loss or relocation are very likely to happen over the decades long life of most parrots. Other birds fall victim to unscrupulous or uneducated breeders and traders who, in the rush to make a sale, fail to educate new owners about their exotic new pets. Such owners, expecting a feathered puppy or a decorative cage bird, are unprepared for perfectly natural parrot behaviors. Thus many birds, through little or no fault of their own, end up in need of new homes. St. Louis Avian Rescue was started by parrot lovers to help address the unique needs of companion parrots by providing the care, training and education needed to place homeless parrots into loving, happy homes.

About STAR

St. Louis Avian Rescue (STAR) is an all volunteer animal rescue and advocacy group, formed to help homeless and distressed companion birds in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. STAR is a 501(c)(3) certified not-for-profit agency.

STAR accepts birds in many forms of distress: unwanted by their owners, found out of doors, or trapped in situations of neglect. Acute veterinary care from area vets with avian experience is provided for by the rescue. As well as baseline and long term care.

Each bird is placed with a foster and lives in their homes as a part of the family where the complex emotional and social needs of companion birds can be met on an individual basis. In additional to yearly check ups and veterinary care for existing health problems, fosters work to improve the adoptability of each bird. Addressing behavioral issues and providing training and socialization. STAR also strives to convert each of its birds to a stable, nutritious diet before adoption.

STAR is focused on finding only good homes for birds. The rescue never adopt birds on site, instead using an application and review process that includes reference checks and home visits. Direct interaction between the adopter and bird is required before an adoption can take place, to insure that a workable relationship is possible between owner and companion. In all ways possible, STAR endeavors to serve the needs of birds first. If you would like more information about STAR please go to

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