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Sharon McKinney has been with the City of Raymore for 20 yrs. Officer McKinney has placed several hundred animals into new homes, and continues to work with several rescues which aids in the placing of homeless animals. She is will also graduate from Vet Tech School this year. You can e-mail Sharon at ssmckinney@raymore.com. Cheryl Ulses, is now full time and is also assisting on the care and adoption of animals. You can e-mail Cheryl at culses@raymore.com. If interested in a pet, please e-mail both ACO's as their schedules vary from week to week. So please come adopt some of these furry kids, they are all sweet, and deserve a second chance at a happy home.

Adopting a Friend

Anyone wanting to adopt a dog or cat from Raymore Animal Shelter will be required to put down the required deposit for shots & spay/neuter services. The adoptor will be responsible for making the appointment to get the animal its shots and spay or neutered. Anyone adopting a puppy or kitten under 4 months old will pay the same amount, but will be under contract to make the appointment to have the procedure done when the animal becomes of age.

Already spayed/neutered Cats $42.00 Already spayed/neutered Dogs$52.50
Adoption fee includes spay/neuter & vaccinations:
Cats $72.00
Dogs under 60 lbs $97.00 >/TD>
Dogs over 60 lbs $117.00

Raymore is located just south of Kansas City, MO. Take Hwy 71 to Hwy 58 and go to the east outer road (by Burger King) for about 3 miles. Our new address is 1023 S. Madison. Please call before coming as we are in and out of the office.


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