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Pet Adoption of Cannon Valley needs foster homes. We provide the supplies...You provide: 

  • Love for animals
  • Clean, healthy space
  • Time and ability to give basic care (feed, water, clean litter box, administer medications if necessary, monitor animal's health and take to veterinary appointments)

For more information, contact  1-888-734-4414 or  pacvrescue@gmail.com

Adopting A Friend

Our adoption process includes an application a phone interview and your visit with our animal(s) to determine whether you and your potential animal companion are a perfect fit.

We do not send an animal home until it has been spayed or neutered, is healthy, and you have paid the affordable adoption fee.

Please feel free to download Our Adoption Application Form in PDF or Our Adoption Application in Word doc format to begin the process.

CATS: Your  adoption fee includes:  thorough vet check, spay/neuter, rabies and distemper vaccinations, Feline Leukemia testing, treatment for fleas/parasites and any/all injuries, illness and medical conditions.We offer discounted fees for senior cats ($350 for two). 

 DOGS:  Your  adoption fee includes: thorough vet check, all vaccinations, spay/neuter, treatment for fleas/parasites and treatment of all medical conditions.

For more info. contact us at

Pet Adoption of Cannon Valley 

P.O. Box 473, Cannon Falls, MN 55009

 Phone: (888) 734-4414

 EMail: pacvrescue@gmail.com, 

Who We Are

Pet Adoption of Cannon Valley  is a unique, no-kill, rescue for homeless cats and dogs. We were established in 1978. We don’t euthanize animals others might consider too sick, too old, too wild, or too expensive.

Every animal who comes to PACV is given the love and care they deserve, for as long as it takes, before being adopted to the perfect home.  Because of PACV’s reputation for excellent care and healthy animals, people from all over Minnesota come to Cannon Falls to adopt from us.


Special thanks to Animal Health Center Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Mike and the Team for providing excellent care and shelter space at a reduced cost for our animals;

Come Visit Us


to arrange a visit with one of our adoptable animals...

 Phone: (888) 734-4414

 EMail: pacvresuce@gmail.com

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