Mower County Humane Society
Austin, Minnesota


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Marceline is a Lab/Pitbull mix. She is a gorgeous, active girl. She came to the MCHS after going unclaimed at the city pound. She is smart and powerful and would definitely benefit from an experienced owner who can give her the training, exercise, and stimulation that she needs.

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Adoption Procedures & Info

You can receive our Adoption Application/Contract in Microsoft Word format! The Form is a simple, short, one-sided application that has about 15 questions. Just click on the appropriate link to send a request via e-mail, and we can e-mail you the Application!!

Email: Send an e-mail regarding DOGS

Email: Send an e-mail regarding CATS

VERY IMPORTANT - Be sure to complete the form in its entirety - don't leave any questions blank.
We assess animals and their prospective homes for compatibility, based on the information you provide, as well as the information we know about the dog or cat for which you are applying. We do this to ensure a good fit between the animal and the applicant. We strive to share as much information about the animals as possible, so as to minimize any unexpected situations. Please don't be offended by our very basic questions or inquiries as we are only trying to find out relevant information about the animal's potential home. We like to know about your history of pet ownership, household make-up (other pets, children, etc.), whether you own or rent and the like.

Applications are submitted via e-mail, regular mail, and also in-person at the Shelter. Therefore, even though an animal may still be listed on the website, there may in fact already be an application that has been submitted for that particular animal. We try to keep the site as current as possible with all information that we have available. Once an application is submitted, the review can sometimes take up to a week to accomplish, due to the fact that we are all volunteers and all of this work is done in our spare time.


We Want Your Cans!!

We're conducting an ongoing aluminum can drive to help raise money for the animals. Collect those aluminum cans from school, work, home, anywhere! Bring them to the Shelter - we have a collection dumpster in the front the building - toss the cans in there and we'll get them recycled!

Our Current Wish List - Here's our current list of needs for the Shelter:

* IAMS Lamb Meal & Rice Dry Dog Food

* IAMS Dry cat food

* Cat toys

*Canned cat food

*Revolution (flea/tick/mite preventative) for cats/kittens

* Bleach

* Paper Towels

* Dryer sheets

*High-efficiency ("HE") style Laundry detergent

* Frontline or Advantix Flea Preventative

* Garbage bags - kitchen and trash can - 30 and 40 gallon and up sizes

* Kongs & rope toys for big strong dogs

* Cash

* Birdseed

* Hand/Bath Towels

* Washcloths

* Sheets & light blankets

Donate Via Credit Card

Give MN Razoo donation page for Mower County Humane Society
Donate online to MOWER COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY at Razoo

We Need More Volunteers!

The entire Shelter is operated with a handful of volunteers, and we really do need more help. There is a great variety of tasks that need to be done, and we can use more help with just about all of them. Our greatest need is for responsible adults -- there is a limited amount of work that can be done by kids. If you have a love for animals, and don't mind being the object of unconditional love, there's bound to be something you can do. Here is a list of some of the things you might be interested in doing:


This is an essential part of maintaining a healthy living environment for the animals while they are in our care. The cleaning/bleaching of the pens, feeding, and watering of the animals is also the most time-consuming duty for volunteers over the course of the year, as it is done each and every day.


The only source of revenue for the Humane Society is through adoption fees, donations, and fundraising. We have a variety of fundraising events throughout the year that are fun and enjoyable. There's the Walk-a-Thon, our Silent Auction, annual yard sale, and numerous other events throughout the year.

Animal Transport

All of the animals that come to the MCHS are examined by area Veterinarians, vaccinated, spayed, neutered and provided with any other necessary medical care. We are always in need of responsible adults to transport the animals to and from the Vet offices. We have plenty of animal carriers to use, so you don't need to worry about getting that new vehicle dirty!

Adoption Counseling

During our open animal viewing hours, volunteers are present to assist the prospective adopters with questions and to show them the various animals available.

Building Maintenance

Just as with any other building structure, our Shelter building needs regular maintenance and upkeep. There's painting, lawn mowing, snow removal, weatherproofing and a variety of other maintenance duties that need to be done.

Community Outreach

Would you enjoy talking to a 3rd grade class about animals? Would you be able to provide some advice to someone who is having training problems with their dog? We get numerous requests such as these each year, and it is a great way to help educate, entertain and inform the public about animals.

Socializing and Exercising the Animals

The dogs and cats at the Shelter do get regular exercise, but would always like to have more! Socializing and training the Shelter animals makes them healthier, happier, and best of all, more appealing to potential adopters.


If you think you might be willing to volunteer, please call us at (507)437-9262 or e-mail us at:

Who We Are

The Mower County Humane Society is a 100% volunteer- operated animal shelter located in Austin, Minnesota. We have a shelter building at 101 22nd Street SE in Austin. This is a new location that might not yet appear on Google maps or on GPS devices. However it's easy to get to our location by simply following Oakland Avenue to the east as far as you can go, and you can't miss our Shelter. Our shelter phone number is 507-437-9262. It is our goal to provide care and shelter for homeless pets, adopt them into responsible homes, and promote responsible pet ownership, including spaying and neutering of companion animals.

Adopting a friend

We have wonderful animals available for adoption. We do lightly screen adoption applicants to make sure there is a good fit for both the animal and the applicant. This screening can take a few days to accomplish, and we do not release an animal prior to this screening. If you're interested in any of the animals you see on this website, please send us an e-mail, call us at 507-437-9262 (leave a message & we'll call you back) or stop by during our shelter's open hours, which are Tuesdays from 4:30PM to 6PM and Sundays from 2PM to 4PM. Times/days other than these can be arranged in advance by appointment.

Come Visit Us!

Our Shelter has animal viewing hours every Tuesday from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM and every Sunday afternoon from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. The shelter building is located at 101 22nd Street SE in Austin, Minnesota. This is at the farthest east point of Oakland Avenue East in Austin, just to the east of Charter Communications.

Mower County Humane Society
101 22nd Street SE
Austin, MN 55912
Phone: 507-437-9262

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