• Puppies
  • $200-$300
  • Small Breed Adult Dogs
  • $175-$200
  • Large & Medium Breed Female Dogs
  • $150-$175
  • Large & Medium Breed Male Dogs
  • $135-$150
  • Senior Dogs
  • Around $100 to cover expenses
  • Pit Bull Breed
  • $150 adults only
  • Highly Desired Dogs
  • $200 or greater depending on breed

Surrender Fees


  • Adults
  • If spayed or neutered $20 If not spayed or neutered $30
  • Kitten Litters
  • $10 per Kitten*


  • Adults
  • If spayed or neutered $30 If not spayed or neutered $40
  • Puppy Litters
  • $15 per Pup*
Please call in advance to check if room for surrenders is available.

Other Fees

*prices may change due to litter size
Prices may change depending on circumstance. We may charge more or less than the above stated fees.


If you love animals, the Humane Society is a great place to volunteer your time. You can satisfy all types of "fur fixes" if currently you can't have animals or just can't get enough! Our animals so appreciate people that can give them undivided attention, to play and socialize them until they find their forever home.


We are always in need of donations, either monetary or in the form of supplies. We even have a wishlist. If you would like to donate, please call the shelter at the number listed above or you can drop it off at the shelter during viewing hours.