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We place most unwanted animals. We are a safe place for small dogs/birds.We rescue and place birds lg and sm. Call to find out what we can help you with...We will also help with small dog unwanted pregnancy that you can't care for or just don't have time to deal with. mom dog will be returned to you after her free (SPAY) if you still want to keep her because you could not aford spaying her.

A Safe Place Rescue is a licensed shelter 501c3 tax exempt which places unwanted pets ( sm dogs & birds) into caring new homes. We provide vaccinations, spaying or neutering , veterinary exams and any needed additional veterinary care for all the animals taken into the shelter.All pets are spay/neutered.. We also mic.Chip

A Safe Place Shelter is a nonprofit organization incorporated 501c3.A Safe Place is a charitable and education purposes .We cater to rescuing unwanted, abused, impound and more. You may visit potential pets in one of our foster homes... Please call for an appointment..... At the shelter you can visit with the pet in a home surrounding, without bars between you and the pet. You have the chance to see how the pet reacts in a home setting.

Animals in A Safe Place Shelter are in a home environment. We work hard to help them become a pleasant pet. Some need extra kindness and time. We will help you with their needs.

Donations are welcome to help injured animals that are abounded and or hurt by others.A.S.P.S spays/neuters microchip and shots. Donationas also help those who love there pet and can't afford to s/n ,At the same time were stopping unwanted litters.Meny shelters are full..Animals are part of our family, they feel, need love, greet us at the door, great companions when you are alone.

Adopt a pet from A Safe Place Shelter. Its Their home away from home, until adopted into a caring and loving permanent home. We at times need to turn down hurt animals. Times are hard but the abuse is still there.Were trying to be there,WILL YOU help us help them! It hurts that we have to say sorry no funding at this time.Please donate today, CALL and ask how! Donations help in meny ways, over population and death of animals that have litter after litter and not enough homes.Be responsible and kind to your pet spay/neut...(large bird cages are needed desperately) Have a bird or dog kennel not in use call (651) 464-0801 any thing in good shape is cheerfully received

God bless all the shelter's who really care - give to your favorite shelter today! - with out you we can't help pets in need.

Thanks to you and the foster families we work with, we have been able to help over 1,000 of pets find loving, caring homes.Without you, life may not be an option for unwanted pets. Not all shelters make the choice of life for all animals.

A Safe Place Rescue always welcomes help and foster families to provide care in there loving homes and housing for unwanted animals. Please help us help them.Donate your time and foster a unwanted animal,Its greatly appreciated.

A Safe Place Rescue and all our four-legged and feathered friends thank you for your caring support.

Spay or neuter all your pets and remember to support your favorite shelter and help give unwanted pets a second chance. Donations Work ! Call 651-464-0801 Thank You for a gift of love & life

A Safe Place Shelter
Forest Lake, MN
Phone: 651-464-0801
Cell > 651-353-3265 Email: asafek9place@gmail.com
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