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The cost of animal rescue is sometimes high, but always worth it. Donations in every form are sincerely welcomed and greatly appreciated!

Some of our most needed items include:

  • Blankets/rugs/towels

  • Leashes/collars

  • Dog/cat/small animal food

  • Bones/chew toys

  • Treats

  • Toys for all animals

  • Kennels and cages for all animals

  • Litter and litter boxes

  • Cleaning Supplies: Pine-sol, bleach, paper towels, etc...

  • Air conditioners/fans


If you would like to donate items you are welcome to bring donations to one of our adoption events or fundraiser events.

Adopting A Friend

Arrow's Heart Animal Rescue average adoption fees range from $300 to $400 per dog. These adoption fees go towards the proper vetting and medical care for our animals. This includes age appropriate spaying and neutering, age appropriate vaccinations, age appropriate blood work and deworming. These adoption fees also support our less fortunate animals that come in with special medical conditions. These medical conditions encompass a wide variety of things, some of them include kennel cough, heartworm disease, cherry eye, serve dental disease and many more. The adoption fees also cover supplies and pet food. Some examples of supplies include cleaning products, paper towels, kennels, blankets and toys.


The adoption fees for a cat or kitten in our program are between $65 and $200. This depends on the age and vet work completed on the cats or kittens.

Who We Are

Saving hearts, four paws at a time.

Mission Statement:

Arrow’s Heart Animal Rescue is dedicated to finding well matched homes for abandoned, abused, neglected and unwanted animals. We are a non-profit, 501(c)3 no kill volunteer run animal rescue based in the Twin Cities area. We rescue, spay/neuter, provide proper medical care and rehabilitate animals both locally and nationally. We provide high quality foster care for these animals until they can be matched with their perfect homes.

Who is Arrow?

Arrow is a terrier mix that belongs to Randi...the founder of Arrow's Heart Animal Rescue. Arrow came into rescue as a very scared and shy girl. She trusted no one and many believed she would never find the right home due to her fear aggression. Randi who believes every dog is capable of successful placement with the proper care and rehabilitation would not give up on this girl. She worked with Arrow for a very long time. Once she gained Arrow's trust she realized that Arrow had already found her forever home and that was with Randi. With the proper care and training Arrow was transformed into a family dog. She currently lives with Randi her partner Mitch and their two children. Arrow also has her doggy and kitty brothers and sisters to play with along with the foster animals that come to visit her home. Randi knows that Arrow shot right through her heart and she is now stuck there...forever.


Come Visit Us

If you would like to volunteer your time we are always looking for extra help at our adoption events and fundraiser events. Check out our website at www.arrowsheartanimalrescue.com for the most convenient event for you to volunteer at.

Email us at arrowsheart2012@gmail.com if you have more questions!


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