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Applications are available through email or at the link below. We accept them via email or at events. 
Due to some recent changes on the petfinder system many requests are filtering to junk mail. Anyone filling out the new form please send an additional email to puppytailsrescue@hotmail.com.
Most of our dogs can be adopted prior to the events by submitting an application and having a private meet and greet during the week or weekend. That application can be received by requesting it via email or going to the link above. We encourage people to please check before attending the event to see if the dog is still listed to be attending. Some may have pending adoptions or have already been adopted. If it is pending please remember not every one adopts or even shows up to the event to adopt. Once at the event we do not update petfinder.
If a dog is listed pending adoption we still encourage people to send in an application or come to an event incase the dog is not adopted.  

If you are filling in your email address on Petfinder please double check it. If you have not heard from us with in 48 hours please email again. We have been getting a lot of emails with incorrect email addresses and our applications are unable to be sent to you. 

You can also email us at Puppytailsrescue@hotmail.com directly

please make sure you have your rental paperwork with you stating you can have a dog and any breed restrictions. 

Adopting A Friend


Thank you for contacting Puppy Tails Rescue! We try to respond to all emails within 48 hours. If you have not received a reply in that time period it is possible you filtered into the junk mail so please try emailing again. Also any one emailing directly through petfinder will not receive our vacation reply.  

If you adopt a dog through us you are not allowed to remove it from your home in any way without written permission from the rescue for a minimun of 2 years after adoption. If you do remove it we will acess a $500 penealty fee. You sign a contract agreeing. This includes giving it to a family member or friend. posting it on Craiglist for a fee or for free. Dumping it somewhere. Turning it into another resuce or shelter.  We care about our dogs and want to know where they are. 
Please remember we are an all volunteer foster based rescue so we ask you to please be respectful of our time while you go through this process. We do not have a facility. All of our dogs are in foster homes. You are only guaranteed to have a meet and greet with the dog you have been approved for. If you would like to meet with several dogs we encourage you to attend an event but please remember they can be adopted prior to the event and no longer be available. We will not bring more then 2 dogs to a meet and greet so please do not ask. This is to hard for us to do.  We would prefer the 2 dogs are from the same litter.  Please set up meet and greets when every one that will be a deciding factor can attend. Also Please set up the meet and greets for a day you are ready to bring home your pup. We can not hold them for you while you set up your house, go on vacation, buy your new house, wait for your baby to be born, etc. We are not a boarding facility and do not carry barding insurance and Financially we do not have the means to do so. Plus that is a foster home that could have been used to save another dying dog. Please make sure that you are setting up your meet and greet to be with in 48 hours after you receive your approval email. Some dogs have multiply applications and we do not want to have them miss out on a family if you choose not to adopt.  If we do not hear from you with in 24 hours at any point in the process we will move on to the next family. 
Adopting a new family member with us is usually pretty painless. The process can take up to 2-3 days. 1. We first have you apply for your dog or puppy. applications are available by email or at events only 2. We then screen your application.  3. If your application is approved we will set you up with a meet and greet at the Woodbury Petco location only. 4. If you fall in love with them and they have fallen in love with you we can complete the final paperwork and you can bring your new family member home with you.
If you do not have the intentions to take them home that day please let us know a head of time. Sometimes we cancel plans or go out of our way to make it to a meet and greet if it means a dog might be going home. So if you know you are not taking the puppy home from the meet and greet please be respectful and let us know that when setting it up.
If you need time to think about it that is ok. We encourage people to do so if they need it. Adopting a new pet is a life long commitment and we want you to be prepared. If you choose not to take them home from the meet and greet they stay available for adoption and are available immediately to the next family. We only hold puppies with a deposit that are to young to go home. If you can not have a puppy yet we ask that you please wait to apply until you can. 

We have a standard $300 fee for any dog/puppy. Our fee covers all vaccines to age appropriate Dapp, If they are old enough for rabies they will receive it otherwise rabies is your responsibility. All puppies under 16 weeks can get all puppy shots thru us till 16 weeks of age as long as you do not no show at any point.  Puppies are de-wormed every 2 weeks while in our care. Frontline monthly while in our care between May-Oct, heart worm preventative monthly while in our care May-Oct. Every dog regardless of time of year gets an initial treatment with frontline, de-wormer, and heartworm preventative. It also includes spay or neuter. Some shelters will microchip for us and in this case it will include the micro chip. Micro chip will be noted on each individual dog.

OUR FOSTER TO ADOPT PROGRAM: Some of our dogs/puppies have not yet had the opportunity to have their spay/neuter done yet. We feel that less change for a dog/puppy is better so if we can place them in a forever home instead of foster home we will In return we put them in our foster to adopt program. How it works is you apply for your dog/pup just like any other and go through the same steps. If approved you place a $300 nonrefundable deposit and you can take your dog/pup home until it is time for it to be fixed. You will also get your full packet of info. We will notify you of the appointment date. We use the U of M. Students are the ones doing the surgery. This will be a day surgery. You will usually be required to drop your dog off in Golden Valley on the morning of surgery and pick it back up that afternoon.  If you don't like this idea or want to talk about it you need to do right away not right before surgery. After Surgery pick up they are officially yours. If the unforeseen happens during surgery your $300 will be returned or a new dog or puppy will be found for you. If you want to use your own vet we do except that but it will be at your expense.  There is an additional contract to be signed that will have a required to be fixed by date. If we do not receive proof of altering by that date you will have your dog removed from you no exceptions.

There is certain circumstances that may cause us to lower the adoption fee. If the dog/puppy has a lower fee it will be noted on that individual dogs listing

Who We Are

We are a small foster based rescue that relies soly on adoption fees. We work hard at saving one dog or pup at a time. We mostly rescue puppies and their mommies too but we do have foster homes that only want to foster adult dogs. We do not limit ourselves to only puppies. We are always in search of new foster homes and encourage others to help out in the fight of lost, abandon, and unwanted dogs. This is a great way to have a dog with out the financial commitment. If you would like to foster dogs or puppies please contact us and we will get you the application and information.

Come Visit Us

We will be at Woodbury Petco on dates below:


10-15-16   11-2 PM





Please look at each dog to see who will be attending each event. It will always be listed on the individual dogs. Most dogs are also availble for private meet and greets during the week. Please email us for information and an application. 


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