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NEEDS LIST: 1. Kennel Paneling, Fencing, Outdoor Kennels. 2. Kennels--Wire or Pet Porter Style--Can be used and worn as long as in working order otherwise must be able to be repaired with a little work. 3. Old clean Blankets. 4. Old Towels, that are still in good enough shape for drying after baths. 5. Food & Water dishes -- Small & Medium sizes preferred but any accepted 6. Collars (All Sizes) and Leashes 7. Dog Food - all types are accepted. 8. Treats for dogs and cats 9. Pet Shampoos (any type) 10. Frontline -- all sizes 11. Heartworm Preventative medicine -- all sizes

Sponsors for vet expenses (any amount helps!)
IF you have an item not listed that you think may be useful, please contact us--You could be right and we could have a need for it!

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