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survivorsRus is a group of volunteers dedicated to rescuing homeless cats and kittens. We are looking for compassionate animal people to adopt and provide a good home for one of our rescues. All rescued cats stay in foster homes while waiting adoption. This home setting helps them make a quick adjustment after the trauma of being homeless. Fosters can learn about the personality and social skills of each cat or kitten so you will be able to find one that will be compatible with your family. All adoptable cats are healthy and have had all their vet care done. (Each is spay/neutered, tested, given shots, etc., so you will not have to spend extra money on vet care.) Can you make room in your home for a homeless cat or kitten? All your cat will want is a warm, safe place to live, good food to stay healthy, and love to flourish. They will be your loyal companion for the rest of their life and if you and the cat are playful, that would be a wonderful bonus! survivorsRus rescues and we need you to provide the "forever home" and give a future to a homeless cat or kitten. Remember you are but one person in the entire world, but to a pet, you are their entire world!

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Please email: - a foster care person will respond ASAP. survivorsRus is a NOkill and NOdeclaw cat rescue group. Our support goes beyond adoption day - we are always just a phone call away!

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survivorsRus is a nonprofit rescue that survives on donations. Our foster care homes are located in the northern suburbs. Foster care volunteers donate their home, time and money to care for these homeless cats and kittens. We welcome any donations to support veterninary care, meds, food, litter....100% of all donations goes directly toward rescued cats and kittens.

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