! After 30 plus years of advocating for vulnerable dogs in need of help and rescuing them from situations not fit for man nor beast Rita and Kermit are retiring. The many years of taking these beautiful creatures who had been starved, beaten, abused, neglected and denied their most basic needs and placing them into their loving homes have forever changed their lives. The many nights of caring for a sick or injured dog and nursing them back to health have left an imprint in their lives. Each and every dog touched their hearts and they take with them 30 years of memories. The many volunteers who helped Lucky Dog succeed will never be forgotten and are thankful for the help they gave so freely. This has been a heartwrenching decision, one that has cast doubt on more than one occasion. Time has taken a toll though and it’s time to say good-bye to an experience that help make them better people. They helped educate people on proper animal care, helped many who could not otherwise afford to pay for the care of a sick or injured pet and donated thousands to the cause of fighting for animal’s rights. Back when Lucky Dog first formed it was called German Shepherd Rescue, Rita ran it all by herself, when rescue organizations were in their infancy. Today there are well over 150 throughout the state and thousands more across the country. It takes a special person to dedicate themselves to such a thankless job, a job that rewards one in ways like no other. To those who donated much needed money, a heartfelt “thanks” is extended. As they say good-bye they ask you to reach out when you see an animal in need of help, report those who mistreat animals and follow-up to make sure they are held accountable and remember to spread the word on the importance of spaying and neutering. Hundreds of thousands of animals are born to die in this Country every year!