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Welcome! About TCGPR

An Ode to Old Friends

Over ten years ago my first guinea pigs, Picasso and Finnigan entered my life. I never knew a guinea pig could change my life so dramatically. The more I learned about these funny looking and sweet natured animals the more interested I was in caring for them in the best way possible. It was when I learned that others did not care for them in the best way possible that I decided to open the-little-rescue-that-grew. Ku and Patch, pictured above, were my first foster guinea pigs.

To rescue is to live through a series of stories that give you heartache and sadness in the beginning, and hopefully (though we learn not always) followed by a satisfying and happy ending. I tried to close the rescue many times for lack of time and pure exhaustion, but the need was (and still is) ever present.

A New Role for TCGPR

Now the time has come for the Twin Cities Guinea Pig Rescue to "close". I use that word in quotes because there are a few things myself and others involved with the rescue will always do:

- We will continue to answer your questions. We know you'll still have them, and so we want to be here for you. Most answers to care and health can be found on and their forums. What we can answer best is local sources for food, supplies, and veterinarians. We can also give our opinions on introducing guinea pigs, cages/bedding, and any other question you may have. Our email address is tcgpigr[at]

- Adopted guinea pigs ALWAYS have a home with us. We have heard all the excuses and reasons in the world for why people need to find a new home for their guinea pigs. The truth is, we don't care what the reason is. If you truly feel you can not provide a home for a guinea pig you have adopted from us then they need to come back to us. As stated in our adoption contract, they can not be given to another shelter, family member or individual. We want to see their faces again. This is very important to us. Please contact us in this situation. We'll be sad, but we won't hold judgment.

- We are here for our adopted guinea pigs. If you still haven't got the hang of clipping toenails, you want us to help you introduce another guinea pig, or you want us to look at a strange behavior... we will! Send us an email and we'll try to schedule a time for a visit.

- Most importantly, WHAT ABOUT THE PIGNIC?! Yes, we will still organize and sponsor the annual Minnesota Guinea Pig Pignic. This year, the 10th Annual(!), will be scheduled on a Sunday in June, date to be determined (if you have a day you know you'd come, email us!). We will put more information here at a later date.

TCGPR will close as an active rescue. We will no longer be taking in any guinea pigs (with the exception of previously adopted guinea pigs) or adding foster homes. If there is a question of whether or not we will do something, please send us an email.

Information Links & Contact

There's so much to learn! Where do I begin?

You're just getting started on researching guinea pigs. There's a lot of information out there and you just want the basics for now. Where do you begin? Right here with a great article provided by GuineaLynx.
A Guinea Pig's 12 Pleas for Owners

Got Questions?

We can answer your questions! You might be wondering about a few things whether you are thinking about getting a guinea pig or have owned guinea pigs for years. How come guinea pigs will jump up and twist in the air? Is that normal? Questions like these can be answered! Just send us an email ( and we'll get back to you with a wealth of information!

Who We Are

We work with guinea pigs! TCGPR is an in-home rescue that also works out of a network of foster homes. We take in guinea pigs, tell them how cute they are (a little boost of self esteem!), and prepare them for life as a loved pet. We find them permanent homes where they are nothing less than spoiled. We also prepare their humans for cavy ownership, so they are well informed on all things guinea pig.

We do education outreach! To learn more about our educational opportunities send us an email.

A Note From the Director

Many people have emailed me and asked, "I read that two males will fight, or that they won't get along very well. Is this true?" The answer, generally, is no. Yes, there are males that won't get along, but there are females that won't get along either. If we have a bonded pair of males available for adoption they enjoy each other's company and must stay together. If you have a male/female you would like to pair up with one (or more!) of our adoptables we can give you advice on which guinea pig(s) we think would work best with yours. We have lots of experience with bonding guinea pigs and will work with you to find a friend for yours so that they can all live happier lives.

For more information on a cavy's social life, read this page.

Thank you for your support!

Many thanks to those who have inspired, educated, and improved the lives of countless guinea pigs over the years:
Vicki of Jack Pine Guinea Pig Rescue
There aren't enough words, actions or money to show the gratitude you deserve. Thank you for consistently denying my requests.
Dr. Amy Kizer, Lexington Pet Clinic
For listening to my diagnosis before you've had a chance to examine, for the incredible stitchwork, for allowing me to utilize money-saving tactics, and for your support in every other way.
Lynx, webmaster of GuineaLynx
For inspiring research on guinea pigs, for saving rescuer's valuable time, and for supporting rescues so strongly
Stephanie and Mike, foster home
You know what you've put up with
Kathie and family, foster home
Jessica, foster home
For manning the fort
Our adopters
For caring and spoiling these demanding critters
Andrew B.
For adopting so many from us, and for going to vet school
Matt and Anita
For jumping to donate hay at every turn
For donating when we least expected it

And to my parents, Tom and Annette, who lived with the hay and the noise, and allowed me to save "just one more".


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