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All of the pigs that are adoptable are featured here. They all need loving homes.


We are currentl;y full, plum full and have plenty of guinea pigs in need of homes. If you think you fit the description of a cavy owner then by all means send us an email, fill out the application and you can also enjoy the fun filled days of cavy ownership.

If you are considering adopting a guinea pig for your child take in consideration the time that will have to be put into them for their care. These are not great first time pets, as many parents think. There is cage cleaning, daily water bottle fills, pellets to be given, and daily veggies. Then the floor time or snuggle time, you and your child will have to spend large amounts of time with them, as guinea pigs are social creatures (at least an hour a day). There have been way to many owner relinquishments as of late for me to comfortable with. You need to think this over before you impulsively go out and adopt anything. Read all you can, learn all you can, email me... I will try to help anyway I can to ready you, IF you are committed to the life of the animal.

Cage consideration is very important as they need a lot of room, they also need to be in a room you frequent often. I reccommend a cage type as it is cheaper to make than buying a teeny tiny store bought cage. Check out To find wonderful medical advice and lots of other things to know about guina pigs check out Also, to just talk to people that have pigs and just want to learn from their experience and see many cute pictures go to .

Please think about this before contacting me, as it is hard on the pig/pigs to be homed and then returned and rehomed time and time again....

Who We Are

We are an "in home" rescue that will take in guinea pigs in need (mainly from shelters and animal control as they are in jeopardy of being euthanized), and find them an ideal home to live out their lives in. We have been adopting guinea pigs to homes for a little over a year. We hope to find ideal homes for all of our adoptables. We will not consider adopting to breeders. If you intend to breed please read everything you can on pregnancy. The chance of losing the litter and the sow are great. We will not let that happen to any sow that leaves here. Go elsewhere if breeding is your intent.

Adopting a friend

We will not allow children (under 18) to adopt our guinea pigs, if you are interested please have a parent/guardian contact us.

Guinea Pigs are $25 for a single adoption or $35 for a same sex/altered pair.

An application must be filled out prior to being approved for adoption. Please email us for more information and/or a copy of our adoption application and a contract will be signed at time of adoption.

We will NOT ship Guinea Pigs and we encourage all potential adopters to come meet all of the pigs in the rescue to ensure that the pet you choose will work out well with your family.

Come Visit Us!

If the picture is not enough and you really want to see the guinea pigs in person, let us know. We can set up a time that is convenient for both of us.
Paula's Pigdom
Roseville, MN 55113
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