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Our featured pet is... Uh oh! We don't have any pets currently awaiting homes! Yay! Please visit Our Adoptable Pets List for a current list of adoptable pets.


We are hoping to raise funds to buy a property to expand our small rescue. Please donate here.

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Who We Are

We rescue a few animals at a time and work out of our own home. I believe that all rescues should be treated as a part of the family, so we don't have concrete or chain-link cages. All of the cats/kittens and dogs/puppies will be current on shots, microchipped, and altered (spayed/neutered - if old enough) before they go to their new homes. Exotic pets are adopted out to non-breeding homes only.

We have a 100% placement rate. I do not believe that any animal should be killed just because it runs out of time. These rescues will stay with us until they are placed in a permanent home or with a no-kill breed rescue (when appropriate). We will only euthanize an animal if it is in severe and non-treatable pain, is injured beyond repair, has no quality of life, or is a danger to people or animals.

We do not have the resources to take in stray animals. If you have found a stray, please contact your local animal control. We are not licensed to take in wild animals. If you have found a wild animal, please contact your local DNR.

Adopting a Friend

If you are seriously interested in adopting an animal, please fill out an adoption application! Print it, fill it out, and send it back to us with the required letter(s). If your application is approved you will need to schedule a date for a home check. If all goes well there, you will be asked to pay the adoption fee. You will need to sign the Adoption Contract. before the adoption is finalized.

All microchips will remain in our name. No exceptions.

You MUST fill out an application before scheduling a time to visit the animals, unless you are visiting during a scheduled adoption day. We only adopt to homes in Minnesota. No exceptions.

Become A Sponsor

Did you find a face here that just tugs at your heartstrings? Want to help, but can't adopt? Become a sponsor!

A sponsor is someone who wants to send a donation to a specific pet to help with their bills. Sponsors help bring adoption fees down by helping to cover some of the expenses involved in veterinary care. You pick the pet, and the amount you want to donate.

A pet can have as many sponsors as there are people willing to donate. If there are enough sponsors to pay all of the vet bills, it will be noted on that pet's page, and future sponsor donations will go toward food, toys, and treats for that pet. There will still be a small adoption fee for fully funded pets.

Foster Homes

We're always looking for more foster homes! If you'd like to foster animals for Silver Dragon Pets, please read through our Foster Agreement. We only work with foster homes in Minnesota!


Donations are always welcome (but unfortunately are not tax deductible). Item donations must be approved (please email us information on what you have so we can be sure that we have space to put it). All non-animal related donations will be sold on eBay or in our Bonanza store to help fund the rescue. If you will be sending money orders or checks, please make them payable to Silver Dragon Pets. Cash donations will be used for dog/cat food purchases unless otherwise specified by the sender. We can also accept Paypal donations by clicking the button below.

Our Wish List

There are many things that we would love to have donated. If you have any of these items just lying around or wish to donate a new item, please contact us! These are some of the things we could use most:


Dry cat food
Kitty litter
Cat toys
Scratching post
Kitty climbing tree
Travel crates


Dry dog food
Dog toys
Dog house
Travel crates


Bedding (no cedar please)
Toys and treats
Running wheels
Water bottles


Chinchilla bath dust
Chew toys
Climbing toys
Plastic or wooden "home" shelter


Aquariums (10 gallon and larger)
Ceramic light fixtures
UVA and UVB lights
Food (commercial diets, no live/frozen foods please)
Under-tank heaters
Water dishes (no metal)
Substrate (we use and prefer EcoEarth coconut mulch in brick form)
Decorations (fake plants, hides, perches, etc)


Grooming supplies
Chainlink fence or kennel panels

Leaving A Pet Behind

We are not currently accepting any surrenders.

We do have a surrender application available. We use this application to make sure that we have proper accommodations available, and to give us some background on each animal. Please note that a surrender statement is also required at the time of surrender for all incoming pets.

We often have a waiting list, and are usually running at full capacity. Please understand that if you want to surrender your pet here, you may have to wait until a space opens up.

Animals left on the doorstep, tied in the yard, or otherwise abandoned here will be turned over to animal control as strays. Please do not just dump your pet; you won't be doing anyone a favor and you may put your animal(s) at risk of euthanasia at the local shelter.

Come Visit Us!

Because we work out of our home, there are no business hours. You may come and see a pet by making an appointment (after submitting an application) only. Please e-mail with questions or to set up a time to meet your pet of choice.
Silver Dragon Pets
Brainerd, MN 56401
Phone: (218)330-4047 - This is a private line, so please be respectful of time. We do prefer emails.

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