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About Our Organization

M.U.S.H.R. is a not-for-profit Siberian husky rescue dedicated to finding permanent homes for homeless Siberian huskies. M.U.S.H.R. takes in dogs from humane societies, animal control, and owner surrenders. All dogs that come to M.U.S.H.R. receive the following:

-Evaluation for temperament
-Spay or neuter
-Heartworm test
-Fecal test
-Given any other medical attention they may need (ie. Surgeries, heartworm treatment, etc.)

M.U.S.H.R. is also active in educating the public regarding the breed by participating in events at pet stores, pet fairs, educational centers, and other public places.

M.U.S.H.R. has a group of dedicated volunteers (with backgrounds ranging from dog trainers, to veterinary technicians, to simple animal lovers) all with extensive knowledge of not only Siberian huskies, but general dog care. This knowledge and support system of volunteers make themselves available to new adopters before, during, and after the adoption of a Siberian husky.

*Dogs that are adopted through M.U.S.H.R. always have a home.*

Adopting a friend

Potential adopters are interviewed before adoption to make certain that the temperament and needs of the Siberian husky is understood. In order for us to make the best possible match we need to know a little about you, your family and lifestyle. If you have children, cats and/or other dogs we need to know before placing a dog with you. We also want to make sure you understand the basic characteristics about Siberians (such as they love to run). We want to know if you are interested in sledding, skijoring, agility, and/or other activities with your dog. All of this information will help us make the best match possible.

Cost: We do ask for an adoption fee to help offset incurred costs such as food and veterinary care.
Dogs 10 months and older: $250.00
Dogs 9 months and younger: $350.00


As with any rescue, there are more animals than we can take. It is through fostering that we are able to take that one extra dog that may not have had a chance otherwise. If you are interested in fostering, please contact us at (612) 800-3200 or email us at mushremail@gmail.com. Fostering is a great way to get to know the breed without the huge commitment of adoption and you would be helping a dog in need!
MUSHR - Minnesota's Unwanted Siberian Husky Rescue
Minneapolis, MN 55417
Phone: 612-800-3200
Email: mushremail@gmail.com
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