MN Boston Terrier Club/Rescue NOW A 501(c) 3!!!

Our Pet List

MBTC' will hold its May 16 member's meeting at Pet Junction in Shoreview, MN. See our web site for further details: www.mnbtccom TOPIC: Pet Insurance..... Dogs are welcome, but no flexi leads please.

FOSTER HOMES NEEDED! The Rescue Committee is in need of foster homes. MBTC Rescue Committee is composed of members of the Minnesota Boston Terrier Club whose interests lie in the area of rescue and rehabilitating Bostons needing new homes. MBTC has been in existence for 63 years, with rescue existing for 26 of the 62 years. There are approximately 114 family/units/members in MBTC; some show their Bostons in obedience, agility, fly ball, tracking and/or the breed ring. About 90% of the members are "pet owners" - meaning they do not show their dogs, but love and cherish the breed just the same and want to be a part of maintaining the breed standard.

Many members, both show and participate in club events, rescue and educational projects. MBTC has regular monthly meetings with guest speakers, and sponsors 2-3 special gatherings a year; one in the Spring (Usually August), one in the Fall (Usually October). Each AUGUST, MBTC holds a Boston Terrier Specialty Show in Lake Elmo, MN at the anWashington Co. Fairgrounds. MBTC is an affiliate of the Boston Terrier Club of America which was founded in 1891. MBTC is also a member of MN Purebred Dog Breeders Association.

Adopting a friend

Individuals and families wishing to adopt a dog from MBTC must complete a written adoption application as well as host a home visit (all members of the family must be present) from a member of our rescue team. Because of the number of applications received from residents of the State of Minnesota, we do not adopt to individuals/families in other states. You must be a resident of Minnesota. IT IS HIGHLY ADVISED THAT IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ADOPTING FROM US THAT YOU COMPLETE AN APPLICATION FOR ADOPTION PRIOR TO FORMING AN INTEREST IN A PARTICULAR DOG. We never know when we get a dog into our care; what kind of home it may require, health issues, etc. If you already have an approved application on file, it will make it easier to assis you when a dog does come into our care that you are interested in adopting. Delays in any application that comes in after a dog has beenwith us for a few weeks, would go to the bottom of the stack, as those that have already been approved would be contacted first. This allows the least amount of time a dog has to stay in our adoption process. MBRC will advise applicants every step of the way wher their appalication is in teh process.ill

Once the adoption application is completed, the home visit done, the potential adopter is added to a waiting list for adoption. The Rescue Committee of MBTC matches the needs of the dog with the needs of the family. The wait for a Boston Terrier can be anywhere from 2 weeks to several months. We never know when we will have dogs and how many we will have per year or their health or behavior condition. The average number of dogs that go through rescue in one year is 20.

It is also good to note that individuals seeking to adopt females or puppies will probably have a very long wait. We very seldom see dogs under the age of 9 months or females under the age of 7 years.

Applicants who have been contacted about a possible adoption, have the right to refuse adoption as does MBTC. MBTC DOES NOT ship dogs to new homes. Anyone adopting a Boston Terrier from us goes through a two-three week :Foster to Adopt" program where the dog is in their home to see if the match is good.match. This program is set up where the family basically fosters the dog to see if it will adapt to their home. If at the end of this 3 week period, the dog and family have bonded, the adoption is finalized. b>

At the time of adoption the family signs an adoption contract which indentifies the dog being adopted, medical and current health conditions, as well as a clause which stipulates that if for any reason, at any time, the new owner cannot keep the dog, it is to be given back to rescue. The dog must also be taken to the new owners veterinarian within 48 hours of adoption to confirm the dogs health.

The adoption fee for Boston Terriers is $150 - $500, depending on the age and health of the dog; plus the cost of microchipping and registration (usually around $55). All monies from the adoption of a rescue go back into the rescue fund to cover veterinary fees. No profit is made from the adoption of any dog.

The new owners are given a one year's free membership in the MN Boston Terrier Club and the rescue committee works with a licensed trainer to help the new family with any problems that may occur. Follow -up calls are made to be sure the family and dog are adjusting and MBTC is on hand to help with problems or questions that may arise.

Minnesota Boston Terrier Rescue does NOT have a shelter building. All dogs are housed in foster homes throughout the city. These homes provide much needed love, reassurance and care during the dogs minimum, one month stay. Some dogs may require a longer