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Adopting A Friend

A.S.K.'s rescued animals are in private foster homes where they have dedicated one-on-one care. This is great news for potential adopters! Our foster homes get to know our rescued companions thoroughly; this allows us to match you with a lifelong companion that fits your lifestyle and personality.

Steps to Meeting an Animal

1. Please call 877-596-7776 and express interest in a given animal

2. Be willing to ask/answer questions via phone. This is your initial opportunity to learn more about the animal.

3. Complete an adoption application

After these three steps have been completed, and reviewed by A.S.K., we will arrange a meet and greet with the animal if we feel that the fit is good with you.The majority of the time the meet and greet takes place in your home/yard. It is at A.S.K.'s discretion to schedule a meet and greet.

Adoptions are restricted to southwest Michigan because we require home-visits. References will be required. A.S.K. reserves the right to find the absolute best match for our dogs and will not make adoption considerations based on trivial things like "first come, first serve." Rather, we want the adopter to get the best animal match for them, and our dogs to get the best fit for their personalities. 

Who We Are

A.S.K. is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) animal protection organization operating direct-outreach services to ALL species, in southwest Michigan.

A.S.K. is not a traditional rescue or shelter. We are a 100% no-kill Sanctuary; animals are given a chance irrespective of age, breed, health status or behavior. A.S.K. operates direct-outreach services whereupon 99% of the animals found and assisted are due to A.S.K. seeking them out, street by street. Animals that are rescued come from neglect situations; all dogs rescued were formerly victims of 24/7 outside life. All animals are rehabilitated, socialized and up-to-date on vaccinations.

A.S.K. helps all species. Learn more at www.allspecieskinship.org

Come Visit Us

A.S.K. must restrict adoptions to residents of Michigan, located in Southwest Michigan. This enables us to meet you at your home/yard and provide future assistance.

A.S.K. requires a phone consultation, application, references, adoption contract and an adoption fee before any companion animal is adopted to you. Adoption rates range from $100+.

We take rescuing animals seriously. It is our intention that every adopted companion remain in your life forever. We will help you determine if a given animal is a good fit for you!

Please note: A.S.K. does not guarantee the “breed” of dog listed. We are required to generalize a breed based on appearance here. A.S.K. does not discriminate against breeds and believes that every dog is an individual. We do not DNA test dogs, but published research reports that it is impossible to predict the behavior of dogs of unknown history and genetics solely on the basis of appearance.


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