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Adopting A Friend

If you are interested in adopting one of our collies, please fill out the adoption application located on our website, by clicking here:  http://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/SbOQ6W1aadasft

You will be notified after review of your application.  After approval, you can make arrangements with the foster families to to meet their collie. 

A home visit is required after online application approval.  This will be performed by a TCCR member living closest to you.

All dogs are up to date on shots, microchipped, heartworm negative and neutered/spayed prior to permanent placement.

Our collies are intended to become members of the family, living primarily indoors.   Outside doghouses and tie-outs are not acceptable. 

In most cases, TCCR's collies are not adopted out beyond the State of Michigan and the Michigan/Ohio border, simply due to the distance involved in performing home checks, initial visit, and transportation of the animal.


Who We Are

Tri County Collie Rescue is a non-profit organization of volunteers who rescue and re-home purebred collies.  We are scattered all over lower Michigan.  Dogs are fostered in private homes by our members and nurtured in family environments.  Most of our foster families have multiple dogs, cats and some even have human children!  :o)  We strive to make the best possible match between the adopting family and the foster dog, and take many things into consideration when placing a collie in what we intend to become its "forever" home. 

Our Requirements:

  • Location!!  TCCR adopts out to Michigan, northern Ohio and occasionally the Windsor area of Canada.  We do not ship our collies out of state for adoption.  This decision is from experience - if the new owner decides not to keep the dog, it then becomes our problem to get it returned safely, which takes time, money and other resources, already in limited supply.
  • Fences - either physical or the invisible type - are required in almost all instances. Collies are dedicated herders, and need to be kept safely away from street traffic.
  • Completion of Application -  http://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/SbOQ6W1aadasft
  • Home Visit (performed after approval)


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