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Happy Spring!  Welcome to Paws for Peace Rescue!  We appreciate you stopping by and checking out the wonderful pets we have that are searching for their forever homes.

Adopting A Friend

Our adoption process starts with the completion and submission of an application, a phone call to your current or past veterinarian, and then we follow up with a home visit. 



If you would love to have one of our dogs or puppies join your family and would like an application, or if you would like more information, please email us at nancy_larrow@msn.com



DISCLAIMER:  Paws for Peace Animal Rescue’s goal is to find forever homes for our animals.  We want to match our pets with families that are a “good fit” for everyone in the home, as well as the animal.  Our rescue cannot and does not guarantee the breed or age of our animals listed for adoption.  We rely on opinions from shelter staff and our veterinarians to provide us with their best assessments regarding both age and breed.  Most of our pets are rescued from pounds and shelters and most often, don’t come to us with any background or history. In the event that we do have knowledge of their background, we will be sure to provide that in the animal’s profile.  YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 21 YEARS OF AGE TO APPLY FOR AND ADOPT AN ANIMAL THROUGH OUR RESCUE. 

Who We Are

Paws for Peace Rescue is a small Dexter, Michigan based pet rescue which adopts animals from high kill shelters, fosters them in a loving home environment and takes care of their vetting and basic training requirements.  Our goal is to match the right pet with the right family or person. 

Since we spend a great deal of time with them before offering them to adoption, we have the time to evaluate them in a family environment and with other pets and a wide variety of people.  We will only take responsibility for a few fosters at a time and we will not list them until they have had time to acclimate to life away from the kennel environment.

Our mission is to make our adoptions permanent, so that neither the pet nor the new family suffers the disappointment of a bad match.  We welcome the opportunity to talk in depth with you about our fosters, so please contact us.

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