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All of our kittens and cats are unconditionally loved and will be your forever friend. Before any of our kittens or cats are posted for adoption, they receive the necessary vet care and will have time spent with them to know of their personality. We do ask for a small adoption fee or donation to help with a fraction of the cost it takes to make them healthly.


Abandon Angels has been established for my own personal rescueing of kittens and cats that find me and to be able to post them on Petfinder. I am sorry to say but I am not in any position to accept any unwanted or homeless kittens or cats. I WILL NOT RESPOND BACK to any emails or requests for taking in your unwanted pet. THEY TOTALLY DEPEND ON YOU so PLEASE take the time to find them a good home or reconsider how to make an extra space in your home where they will still continue to be safe. If this is still not possible then take them to the local animal shelter where they can be humanely taken care of til their final days. Do not leave them outside to be left without food and catch diseases or to be someone else's problem. SPAY/NEUTER ASAP SO YOU WILL NOT HAVE ANY UNWANTED LITTERS AND TO PREVENT THE OVER POPULATION OF CATS.

Who We Are

Abandon Angels is a name I felt represents the kittens & cats that is left homeless by heartless people. Abandon Angels is handled entirely by myself . Which means my own funding and fostering, my space is very limited to only a few. I have been rescueing kittens & cats for the last 10 yrs and the reason I do this is because I cannot turn my back on a homeless animal in need. I enjoy finding them a loving home and I also do not have the heart to take a kitten or cat to the local animal shelter that will never make it out of there alive. I am only able to help the kittens or cats that find me and so far in the past 10 years, several do find me yearly. I do stand behind all of our adoptable kittens and cats with a "KITTY - BACK GUARANTEE" so if things are not working out, we will with no questions, take back the kitty. So far everyone has been happy and none have been returned. .

Adopting a friend

If you are interested in adopting one of our kittens or cats or have any questions, please email us at abandonangels28@yahoo.com. Please list in the RE: area the NAME of the KITTY you are inquiring on. We will respond back within 24 hrs with an application to complete and return or an answer to your question on one of our kitties. Upon receipt of your application, a foster parent will be in contact with you either by phone or email.

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Abandon Angels
PO Box 1401

Bay City, MI 48706
Phone: email only - abandonangels28@yahoo.com
Email: abandonangels28@yahoo.com
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