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MID-MICHIGAN PUG CLUB About Our Club & Rescue Policy As a club which is associated with the Pug Dog Club Of America, we have nothing to do with auctions, nor do we actively solicit for dogs. We do, however, step in when a mill is closed down by the state. We donate money, food, supplies and people to help with the dogs. When the state releases them, we then pay the standard fee for the shelter that has them. We then place them in foster homes so that they are not always in a cage, until we find the right home for them. We also work with other rescues when a Pug comes in to them. Pugs are surrendered to us for various reasons. Breeders are now asking $800-900 for pet puppies. We ask that people make a donation of $350 or less depending on the age of the dog. We realize that many people cannot afford the price that many breeders ask, but are able and willing to make the small donation for the dog and keep up the medical on it. If possible we ask that a further donation be made toward medical expenses that the dog has incurred. We have saved a Pug from heartworm, had two operations on a dog with a broken leg and paid medical expenses to examine a growth on another Pug. This particular Pug did have cancer and was adopted out for the short time that she had to live at no expense to the adopter. We also found homes for the two Pugs that were held by the state for over four months when the Lapeer puppy mill was closed down. One had neurological problems due to abuse. Her puppy was temporarily blind from urine dripping down from the cage above her. She also needed surgery on one rear leg and the other one never grew because of the conditions she had lived in. Both of these dogs went to excellent homes for no expense. Both of the adoptive homes did, however, pick up the medical expenses for the pups because they had been waiting for them since they had seen them on T.V. Most breed clubs operate in this fashion. As a club, our membership consists of breeders, people that show their dogs, pet people and those that have rescued their dog. All are welcome. We support at least one dog show a year with trophies for our breed, and we also have an AKC fun match once a year for all Pug lovers to attend. We try to educate the public about Pugs in general, and are also there to educate each other when a problem or concern comes up. Four times a year we publish a newsletter, as well as convene quarterly meetings.

Adopting a friend

Adopting a rescue Pug can bring years of joy to you, your family and a Pug. A completed application, signed adoption contract and an adoption fee are required to adopt a Pug. If you would like to rescue a Pug to make your heart shine, then please contact Gwynne Turner at adoptpugs@hotmail.com

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Mid-Michigan Pug Club Inc "For The Love Of Pugs"
5165 Pettis NE

Belmont, Mi 49306
Email: Adoptpugs@hotmail.com
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