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Oscar is a Senior Yorkshire Terrier that found himself in the local shelter as a stray.  He was likely not going to be placed up for adoption due to health reasons.  You see, Oscar was not eating.  They knew he had bad teeth and missing teeth so they offered him soft food but he still refused food.

Oscar was in really rough shape but the Director agreed to let a rescue take him out of the shelter because we were going to take him straight to our Vet.  The infection in Oscar's mouth was so bad that 1/2 his bottom jaw had been eaten away by the infection.  All remaining teeth were removed. 

On the upside... Oscar's bloodwork and x-rays show a very healthy dog.  There are no visible signs of arthritis in the x-rays, the heart size and shape is perfect, the lungs and kidneys looked good.  In the bloodwork everything was within normal limits except the liver function and that was just barely low and nothing to worry about.  We were very pleased. :D

While we wouldn't change a thing about rescuing Oscar, the costs to take him on have exceeded the "normal" rescue.  So, if you can help, donations can be made directly to our Vet's office.

Animal Alley Veterinary Hospital, 7319 Tittabawassee Rd, Suite 2, Saginaw MI 48603  (ATTN: Oscar HWH).  Or you can call 989.792.4800

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Half Way Home Canine Rescue & Training works to offer adolescent dogs the training needed to become a successful working or companion dog in a forever home.  We promote the quality of the placements by encouraging continued training for the dog and handler.  We strive to educate the public about local spay/neuter programs, training and dog sports to promote good health, responsible pet ownership and strengthen the canine/human bond.

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