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The mission of Friends of Barry County Animals (FOBCA) is to provide a safe haven to homeless pets until a responsible loving home can be found.


Our volunteers are in and out of county animal shelters all the time, we pull homeless pets that just need a little more time to find a loving home. We also accept relinquished pets as space is available and assist those who can keep their pet until a new home is found.

Our animals are up-to-date medically and all cats and dogs are spayed/neutered and micro-chipped prior to adoption.

Looking for a particular type of pet?

For every pet we pull into rescue and adopt into a home, additional pets are adopted directly from county shelters by our referral system. Simply connecting people to pets they are looking to adopt - bringing people together with homeless pets still in shelters - saves additional lives and it works!

Send an email to
FOBCA with the type of pet you're looking for along with any specific details and your contact information. We'll watch for and try to contact you if a pet fitting that general description is available for adoption in a county shelter or other homeless situation.


We currently care for companion and domestic animals through a network of foster homes until they are adopted. We also work through a network of other pound rescues to help place their homeless pets.

This rescue is completely run by volunteers with no paid staff. Adoption fees never cover our actual costs and are reinvested into saving more animals in need. One hundred percent of what is given to FOBC goes directly to saving the homeless pets - please contact us if you would like to sponsor a homeless pet...with your support we will be able to save more. A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO OUR ADOPTERS, SPONSORS AND SUPPORTERS!

Foster Home Volunteers Needed

We save as many as we can and always need more room. Homeless pets actually do best in a home situation verses "kennels"...foster homes are a great solution for rescue dogs, cats and even exotic animals. If you might be interested in temporarily helping a mom with puppies/kittens or just one or two dogs or cats, please contact us for more information.


Please see pet's page for detail and fill out an on-line application. Approved adoption application and home visit required.

Friends of Barry County Animals

Hastings, MI


Starfish Story
A man was walking on the beach the morning after a storm. Thousands of starfish had washed up on the shore, and were now starting to dry out and die.
As he walked, he came upon another man who was picking starfish up one at a time and throwing them back into the water.
With a quizical look, he commented to the man throwing starfish, "There are so many of them, you can't save them all, what you are doing is not important."
The second man picked up a starfish, and as he was about to throw it back into the water, said, "That is correct, I can't save them all, but I can save THIS ONE, and to IT, it's a very important life to save."
"Furthermore," he added, "If you help me," he continued, "twice as many of these very important lives can be saved."

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