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Petfinder ID# 17600239 Posted 2010-10-06 All of our moms and pups are our featured pets and there will be more pics to come of the newest puppies and mommies..


Who We Are

We are a group of volunteers that are trying to help the "throw away moms and babies in shelters. We are dedicated to all of our moms and pups and try to do anything we can to get them to the rescue where we know they will be safe. We try to keep our adoption fees as low as possible for the new adopter and strive to give the best care we can give. Most of the dogs and puppies that come into the rescue don't have any other options and are pulled from a shelter just hours before they are to be Euthanized . We put a lot of time and money into rescue including transportation fees (Some puppies and moms have come from Ohio,GA,IL, IA, WV and more.. We also have the expenses of Formula, Fluids, and more for even the youngest of puppies, C-sections are also another costly event but thankfully we have a wonderful vet that is always helping us in any way possible.. We have recently taken on 1 Momma that was severely neglected and abused and as a result had to have her leg amputated and treatment for Demodex mange, check out Hope on the adoptable dogs page to see her story and to see how wonderful she is doing:) We are also in the process of treating 2 mommy dogs that are Heartworm positive, When they are done nursing they will be getting a very expensive treatment done to save both of their lives. <

Adopting a friend

Our adoption process requires that you read and sign an adoption agreement, please know that we will not approve any adoption contract until we meet in person, Home visits may also be required, Vet refrences are a must. We DO NOT ship any of our puppies, You have to come to the rescue to meet with us. We will also not adopt out to anyone that has a intack dog at home. All of our puppies MUST be spayed/neutered. Also please know that when we do rescue moms they are usually from shelters and with that there is NO guarentee what breed a puppy may be, we use our vets and our best guess on what breed they may be but we do not usually have a chance to know what the daddy was:) Daddy's are usually MIA from the start! We want our puppies in forever loving homes. Puppies adoption fees are 75.00 to 130.00, depending on medical conditions when they arrive and while they are here...UNTIL THERE ARE NONE ADOPT 1!! Puppy Breath rescue knows that because of the economy people are having to choose between feeding themselves or they're animals. We would like to help you if you are in need of puppy food or dog food,treats and more, Please contact us today if you are in need of any type of extra help for your dogs or puppies. Before you adopt a puppy please remember a few things- 1). Puppies chew on EVERYTHING 2). If you have a toddler and are trying to get a puppy for that child, Puppies go potty on the floor that your toddler will then walk or crawl on 3) Puppies don't know they are hurting your child when they nibble, jump or scratch them 3). After taking a puppy from their siblings you are going to have a sad puppy, usually this is followed by crying and screaming at night for at least a week 4).Puppies DO NOT stay puppies for ever, they are going to get big and they are going to go thru alot of stages.. Baby,child,teenage, young adult and Adult. 5). Puppies are a LIFE long comitment the average life span of a dog is 8 to 15 years. If you are not in it for this long you do not need a puppy.. 6). No animal deserves to sit in a shelter so if you are not ready for a puppy or dog please wait until you are:)

Come Visit Us!

Becuase we do the rescue in our homes and not a shelter setting visitors need to make an appt. to come see our momma's and babies. Please also be aware, we get really busy at times and sometimes phone calls cannot be returned until the weekend, If this is an Emergency please email us or leave us a message that it is urgent we will try to call ASAP. We also have adoption Events at least 1 time a month and most are held at the Grand Haven Animal Hospital in Grand Haven MI, We will announce those when the events get closer! PLEASE NOTE: All of the numbers that are posted are Private homes not a shelter setting so when calling please understand that we are all very busy with our home lifes as well as rescue, due to that no phone calls after 8 pm please:) Thank you so much for understanding! Please understand that with the rescue being a "home based" it is difficult for us to get back with everyone that is inquiring on a dog, we would love to do this but at times have had up to 50 calls on 1 dog or puppy.. Thank you for understanding that we are doing our best to keep up with the calls..Also WE DO NOT ship out of state, that does not mean you can't adopt it just means you have to drive to MI to pick the dog or puppy up after the adoption agreement is filled out and we have talked with you. We sometimes have 20-70 people interested in a single dog or pup.If you are inquiring on a dog or pup and don't get a phone call back it is because that specific dog or litter has a potential adopter or has been adopted, sorry for the inconvience..
Puppy Breath Rescue

Grand Haven, MI 49417
Phone: 616-844-2783

Email: jataj@charter.net
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In the last couple months Puppy breath rescue has taken in 2 dogs that needed Emergency Surgery to save their lifes.. Hope, a Wonderful Pure bred boxer came with an infected leg that was straight to the bone and had actually rotten that part of her leg. Hope had her leg amputated a few months ago and is now doing wonderful with her 3 legs. We have also incountered Heartworm disease in 3 moms within the last 2 months, All 3 moms were have had Immiticed treatments (Treatments for Heartworms, very costly and painful for a dog. If you would like to donate to the care of any of these dogs we have added a donate button thru paypal. We would like to Thank you ahead of time for the donation and if you would like to donate directly to the care of the these girls please contact the Grand Haven Animal Hospital at 616-846-6700, in care of Ava, Mia, Faith and Hope.. Thank you all for your continued support!!