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Who We Are...

Gratiot County Animal Control enforces the State of Michigan Dog Laws, handles public safety issues dealing with rabies and dog licensing. We also house stray animals for owners to reclaim and adopt out unclaimed animals

We are located about 3 miles west of Ithaca which is located just off of US27 between St. Johns and Mt. Pleasant.

The Gratiot County Animal Control Shelter has many breeds of stray and owner surrendered animals for adoption to the general public. Before an animal is placed into a new home all stray animals shall be held pursuant to law in order to give the original owner a chance to reclaim their pet.

We Have New Hours!

NEW SHELTER HOURS -- We are now open more hours at the shelter!

            Monday from 12:00-4:00
            Tuesday - Thursday from 9:00-5:00
            Friday from 12:00- 4:00pm.

Find the Right Match

Puppies and kittens are adorable but when looking for your new "best friend" and family member, consider you & your family's lifestyle, energy level and available time to spend with the new addition. Puppies are fun and energetic but require constant attention and training to grow into well behaved pets.

If you have a busy lifestyle consider adopting an older pet. Most older dogs have had some training and are usually housebroken. They have been socialized and will adjust easily to a new home and family.

Whether you are looking to adopt an adorable puppy or a more mature dog, make sure you consider all of the issues. Adopting a pet should be for a lifetime.

--IMPORTANT-- Spay & neuter your pets. Pet overpopulation is an extreme problem, the largest contributing factor to the high euthanasia rate of healthy animals in our county. You can help stop the overpopulation of unwanted animals by spaying/neutering your pets.

Adoption Fees

DOGS (over 6 months old) ....... $20.00 + $25.00 spay/neuter refundable deposit
DOGS (under 6 months old).......$15.00 + $25.00 spay/neuter refundable deposit

CATS & KITTENS........$5.00 + $25.00 spay/neuter refundable deposit

All animals adopted out of our animal shelter are required to be spayed or neutered. You will have to sign a contract and will be given a date by which the animal is to be altered. The spay/neuter deposit will be refunded by mail when proof is provided that alteration has been done by the date given. Our Hours are: Monday12:00-4:00, Tuesday through Thursday from 9:00-5:00pm, Friday 12-4:00pm

Please call the shelter during open hours (989)875-2221 if you are interested in an animal or if you have lost your pet.

Come Visit Us!

Gratiot County Animal Control
2675 W. Washington Road

Ithaca, MI 48847
Phone: 989-875-2221

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