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Thanks to everyone who is helping to make the Silver Sammies mission a success! We have found homes for some wonderful adult Samoyeds this year. Read below to find out ways that you can help - foster, sponsor a Sam, or help us advertise. THANK YOU!!

What Are Silver Sammies

Silver Sammies are older Samoyeds who need a new home. Unfortunately, it is true that sometimes our society puts such a high value on youth, they forget about the older guys. Many shelters automatically euthanize the older dogs, and the older dogs are harder to place. But until you get to spend time with one of these great older dogs, and look at the sparkle in their eyes, you don't realize how special they are and that they place their complete trust in us to take care of them. You also don't realize how vibrant, fun-loving, and playful they still are. Many people say that a Samoyed is ALWAYS a puppy - and they are right!

Some things about rescue...

"They got rid of the dog because it was trouble, right?"
NO - most dogs come in to rescue because of some change in their owner's lifestyle - moving, divorce, new baby, etc. These aren't really fair reasons to get rid of a dog, but it wasn't a problem with the dog.
"Will the dog be unhealthy?"
All of the dogs are vet checked before going to their new home: neutered and up to date on shots.
"I can't foster - it would be too hard!"
Yes, it's hard! It's hard when you get to see how they immediately become your friend, it's hard when you think about their past, it's really hard when they go to their new home! But you will have SAVED A LIFE! Isn't that the best thing of all?! And when you get a call from the new home saying "Thank YOU for saving my dog! He is the best dog ever!" - you forget how hard it was, and you are ready for your next foster dog!

Who We Are

Silver Sammies is a listing site for older Samoyeds. We are made up of several different Samoyed Rescue groups that all are dedicated to finding wonderful, forever homes for all Samoyeds. Many of us have our own older Samoyeds - they were the Sams that we fell in love with and originally made us jump in to rescue.

Adopting a friend

Please look at our list of Available dogs. On the Dog's Profile, there is an email address for the contact group. They can give you more information about the dog, and send you some information about their group and their adoption policies.

How you can help!

Silver Sammies can always use donations and foster homes. Some things that help are: Monetary donations
Gift Certificates for dog food and supplies
*Foster Homes*
If there is a particular dog that you would like to help sponsor, contact the group that has the dog (their email address is at the end of the Dog's Profile). If you would like to help us advertise these dogs, please make a check payable to Dog Fancy or Dog World and mail to: PO Box 157, Grand Ledge, MI 48837. THANK YOU! Thank you for your interest in our Silver Sammies!
Silver Sammies
PO Box 157
Grand Ledge MI 48837
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