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Who We Are

Adopt-A-Pet is a non-profit charity program which is run by volunteers. Our pets are housed in foster care homes rather than a shelter. This way, they are kept in a very similiar environment to that of their new adoptive home.

We do not kill, but instead rescue, spay/neuter, and help place 400 animals each year as pets. We find new homes for many wonderful dogs and cats of all ages, sizes, and breeds. We have also placed other types of animals that can be pets, such as gerbils, hamsters, birds, rabbits, snakes, rats, and even ponies and a peacock! We have even added a Ferret Shelter and adoption program.

Adopting a friend

If you are interested in adopting one of our pets, please send a letter, e-mail, or call us to set up an interview. The interview enables us to get acquainted with one another and determine which pet would best fit with your family.


We do not receive assistance from any State, County, City, or Political group. We are fully funded through donations from people like you. If you are interested in adopting a pet from us, a donation will be requested. Donations that are requested are used for all of the animals care.

What’s The Next Step If You’re Thinking About Adopting?

The first thing that you must be aware of is; the donations required are used for ALL of the animals that go through the program. Your donation is not based on the vet expenses for the pet you are receiving. (Although we require a minimum) We do not receive ANY money from State, City, County, Political Group or Tax dollars. We are funded by people like you that want to help us help the animals. We think this is the best way, this enables us to make our own rules when it comes to deciding what home is best for each pet. We do not kill pets to make room for more, like the place that your tax dollars support in your county, 4 million killed each and every day, WHY? Because there are just too many. Irresponsible owners that let pets roam, not neutered or spayed to be allowed to reproduce. Did you know that 1 female cat not spayed will produce in 5 years, through her offspring and their offspring and their offspring etc. etc. 400,000!

We give each and every pet a chance to be adopted, no matter what the age, breed or handicap. We have placed 3 legged cats and one eyed dogs. Even a 19 year old cat. They all deserve a loving, safe home and family of their own. We are all volunteers, no one gets paid. All pets are housed in foster homes. Adopt-A-Pet Rescue was founded in 1983 by Mrs Ingmire in Allegan, Michigan. Linda her daughter is now the Director and has a large foster home for pets. There is a Ferret Rescue/Adoption Program as well. We have no building to maintain or employees to pay. All pets receive all the medical care needed to prepare them to come to your home, tested for leukemia, or heartworm, shots, spayed or neutered if old enough. They come to us in many ways. Their little eyes poked out, broken legs, and hips. Infections of all kinds. Covered with fleas and ticks. Cancer tumors, arrows still sticking out of their sides. Starving with rib bones sticking out and skin hanging from their shriveled body. You name it we probably have seen it. The point that I am trying to make is that we are different from most other organizations, we do everything medically that the pet requires, therefore returning it to good health and enabling it to be placed in a loving home. We do everything medically that is recommended by the veterinarian at the age it should be done. We do not kill a pet because it needs costly medical attention. The exception is; if the veterinarian tells us the animal is suffering and there is really no chance for a quality life with dignity. Then we may take his suggestion and EUTHANASIA may take place. This word means stopping pain and suffering. We hear it misused so much, people take their dog or cat to the vet to have it euthenized or put to sleep, because they don’t want it any more, what they really do if have it KILLED.

We place approximately 500 pets per year. So! when we ask for a donation, please don’t be offended. Or accuse us of being money grubbing, or out for the almighty dollar. Or just like everyone else. We cannot continue to do this work without donations.

The Next Step

Now that you know about us, please send an e-mail, or letter to tell us about you! We have no form to fill out. Please be PREPARED to tell us about; your family; children; past history with pets; what you have now; why you want a new pet; what role will it play in your family; if you want a dog; tell me about your yard, etc. Who will be the caregiver; do you believe in spaying and or neutering, declawing or free roaming pets. Do you understand the care, bills, grooming, lifetime commitment and patience involved in having a pet. Email a
adoptapetrescue@yahoo.com. Please insert the name of the pet in your subject matter,or it may not be read.

After the interview

We do ship pets if needed. The new owner assumes all expenses involved.
An adoption/Agreement will be signed upon adoption.
A Spay/Neuter deposit will be collected. (Michigan State Law) yes! You have to pay it if it is an out of state adoption. This is a good faith deposit and will be returned to you when this has been completed according to the agreement. (NO EXCEPTIONS) contact us to find out more and about the program and donations required.
Suggested donations may vary for special needs or older pets (contact us)

Come Visit Us

Due to the fact that our animals are placed in homes, we do not have set "hours." We will make every attempt, however, to show the animals when it is convenient for everyone. If you are interested in talking with us, please call 269-673-5942.  9 a.m-10 p.m.  click here.

Just the CATS!

Just the DOGS!