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Obedience definition: 1. Act of obeying: the act or practice of following instructions, complying with rules or regulations, or submitting to somebody's authority Most of our dogs are obedience trained. This does not mean they will have never have any issues. It does not mean that they are not going to require an adjustment period of two weeks or possibly longer. A large part of how your future relationship is going to go is based on your willingness to read and follow the Adopter Do's and Don'ts during the first two weeks. It does not mean they won't have any accidents in your home or exhibit anxiety related behaviors such as chewing etc... while they adjust to their new home and routine. Dogs don't know if things are right or wrong unless we gently and consistently teach them. Although they are trained from prison, they will still need to be educated about their new living environment It means exactly what it is defined as in the dictionary: the act or practice of following instructions, complying with rules or regulations, or submitting to somebody's authority Please don't expect to adopt a perfect dog because he or she has had some obedience training.

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Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan
 P.O. Box 83
Coldwater MI  49036

E-mail: rpsm_us@yahoo.com

Who We Are

In February of 2008 RPSM began a partnership with Lakeland and Florence Crane Correctional Facilities, initiated by Warden Carol Howes. RPSM provides vetted shelter and rescue dogs to the prison for training by skilled prisoners for placement in permanent adoptive homes. We began with six dogs and now have 14 dogs placed within the the prison. The dogs are trained for three months and emerge completely housebroken and obedience trained, ready for new homes. These dogs are a great choice for your family; they are completely vetted and spayed & neutered as well. Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan is your Pet Placement Partner located in Branch County Michigan. We are extending ourselves into surrounding counties. Our purpose is to promote positive change within high kill animal shelters, while placing as many adoptable animals as possible from these shelters into adoptive homes, respectable agencies and rescue organizations.

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All our dogs are in foster homes before entering prison. You will not be able to meet them until adoption day. You will receive their training reports each week while they are in training.

Please contact us with any questions!

Email: rpsm_us@yahoo.com

Phone: 1-855-795-7776

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