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Kirby's Friends Animal Rescue was founded in memory of my dog Kirby, whose picture appears at the top of this page, who lost a valiant fight against osteosarcoma. She was my best friend and I still miss her greatly. She was a shelter dog, adopted from the Humane Society as a pup. I've been rescuing dogs for almost two decades, from high kill pounds, abusive homes and sometimes just finding them on the street. But since the economy crashed, we get most of our adoptable dogs as a result of foreclosures..people lose their homes, and then lose their beloved dogs because they can't find anywhere to live that will let them keep them. So we taken 'em in and do our best to find them another loving family. But if we can't, we are also a sanctuary, where they can stay as long as it takes. I firmly believe, if we wait long enough, there is someone for everybody. Four years ago we bought a property and started our own brick and mortar shelter where the dogs get to play outside a lot and are played with a loved until I can find them permanent loving homes. It's very expensive to have your own shelter, and since we are self-funded, and made the mistake of investing all our retirement money in the stock market, just before the crash, we had to give up the shelter and start boarding.. It is very expensive to house, feed and provide vetting for all these dogs, some of whom will be with us forever and we are running short of resources. We can use donations of money, blankets, food, crates, treats, toys, metal pails, medications like Frontline or Heartguard or just moral support. We really need moral support!! :-) And a foster home is like a gift from heaven! If you think you could foster a dog, please contact us. Presently, I am not able to take cats because I don't have any facilities for housing them. I have found my purpose in life and that is such a blessing. Most of us wander through our lives wondering why we are here, but I now know it is to help as many animals as I can to find happy lives..and in the process, we wind up helping a lot of people, too. . And I can always use more help with that, we are very short on volunteers to help with the kennel, exercise or play with the dogs, just provide socialization with new people, as pick up or delivery people...just about anything. Please contact us if you'd like to help these dogs. We'd be very grateful, and so would they!

Adopting a friend

All adoptions required an approved application, veterinary reference and an adoption fee. . Once application is approved, your dog will be delivered to your door, unless a home check has been made prior. Home checks will be made to check on the dogs well being after adoption. If the dog is not treated in the manner required, we reserve the right to repossess the dog and adoption fees will be forfeited. If the dog doesn't work out for any reason, it must be returned to Kirby's Friends Animal Rescue, not given to your beautician's cousin's brother or any other person unless your beautician's cousin's brother meets our adoption requirements and approval is given. When a dog is returned, A portion of your adoption fee may be refunded, but since the economy has changed, we now need to re-adopt the dog in order to refund any money because we already used it to buy food, or pay for vetting. Believe me, there is no surplus account to draw from, and for that we apologize.

IF YOU FIND A PET YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ADOPTING PLEASE COPY THIS APPLICATION, FILL IT OUT AND PASTE INTO AN EMAIL TO: !ADOPTION APPLICATION! Name: _________________________________________________ Address:____________________________City_________________ State_______ Zip _____________ e-mail:______________________ Home Phone # ________________ Work Phone # ______________ Cell Phone #__________________ Best time to call: __________ Occupation: ________________SpouseOccupation____________ Email: __________________________________________________ PERSONAL REFERENCES Name: _________________________Phone # ________________ Relationship: ___________________________________________ Name: _________________________Phone # ________________ Relationship: ___________________________________________ Name: _________________________Phone # ________________ Relationship: __________________________________________ Do you own or rent your home? _____________ If renting, do you have your landlord's permission to keep a dog? YES/NO Landlord Name: _____________________Phone # ______________ How long have you lived at this address? __________ Do you have a fenced yard? YES/NO if so, fence height _____ Fence type _______________ Does fencing completely enclose a yard for the dog? YES/NO If no fence, how will you handle the dog/s exercise and potty duties? ____________________________________________________ Do you have a separate fenced kennel run? YES/NO List height & size _____________ Type ______________ How many adults in household? ______ How many children _____ Age and sex of children _____________ Do you own dogs? YES/NO If so, what kind? ________________________ How Many?_______ Are they spayed/neutered? YES/NO If not, why?_________________ Do you own cats? YES/NO How many? _____ Declawed? YES/NO Other pets? ___________ Do you have a regular veterinarian? YES/NO Name ___________________________ Phone # _______________ Address _______________________ City _____________State ______Zip ______________ How many dogs/animals have you owned in the last five years? _____ Give names, age, sex, breed of each: __________________________ ________________________________________________________ What happened to them?___________________________________ _______________________________________________________ List all plans for this dog: (circle/underline/highlight all that apply) Pet Guard Hunting Other:______________________________ Where will dog spend the day? Loose in house ___ Crate ___ Basement ___ Garage ___ Fenced yard ____Fenced Kennel run ___ with shelter ___ without shelter ___ Doggie Day Care____________ How many hours on the average will the dog spend alone? _______ Where will dog spend the night? Loose in the house __ Crate __ Basement __ Garage __ Fenced yard ___ Fenced Kennel run ___ with shelter ___ without shelter ___ Other describe __________________ Who are you interested in? _______________________________ Do you agree to license this dog and give regular health care? YES/NO Are you willing/able to pay for annual vet care for vaccinations, heartworm testing, teeth cleaning, check-ups,? YES/NO For emergency expenses? YES/NO Do you agree to contact Kirby's Friends Animal Rescue if you can no longer keep this dog? YES/NO Would you be willing to let one of our representatives visit your home by appointment? YES/NO If not, why? _______________________________________________________ I understand that this is an adoption application and NOT A CONTRACT. All of the above information I have given is true and complete. This dog will reside in my home as a pet. I will provide it with adequate food, water, in home shelter, training, affection, and medical care. I am in full agreement with these terms of adoption. Kirby's Friends Animal Rescue is in no way liable or responsible for any damage, accident or injury resulting from the placement of a dog into my household, or for illnesses occuring after the dog has been adopted. Applicant Signature: ____________________________________ Date:________________ Parent Signature if Applicant is Under 18 Years old: _______________________________________


Kirbys Friends Animal Rescue

Flint, MI 48503
Phone: 810-252-1988

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