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Please!!! remember weight contol is a big part of your dog staying healthy. many illinesses are due to over weight, the biggest is heart problems. Keep you fur baby healthy .

Please remember--- Chemical salt can injure a dog. please make sure you wash and dry feet after taking a snowy walk, and do not let dogs lick or eat salt. ..

Please Do Not buy pet shop puppies or dogs. "Stop puppy mills!"



OUR NEW NAME " Small Barkers" . We are making changes and will work with more special needs. This will include. medical. age and temperment. We will need Special People like you who will allow these little Small barking babies to continue their journeys with love and care

Who We Are

Small Barkers is devoted to saving small dogs, both mixed and purebreds, from individual owners, shelters, pounds and puppy mills. We will work mostly with dogs with SPECIAL needs, both SOCIAL and MEDICAL, and will also work with older dogs. All our dogs are altered, up-to-date on shots, heartworm tested, and on Interceptor When we say we need an "adult home only" it is not because a child is abusive. We have dogs that are nervous around children because they move fast and children are louder than adults in general. Because of the concern for the child, an adult home is needed. We do receive some small dogs that are good with children, but they are adopted quickly. Please understand the majority of OUR dogs are special needs. WE DO NOT SHOW OUR DOGS UNTIL AN APPLICATION IS REQUESTED, RECEIVED AND APPROVED.> We are always in need of small toys and wee-wee pads. Because we specialize in special need dogs, Our adoption fee helps cover our medical expenses, The majority of our funds go to pay for the medical expenses of the dogs.

Adopting a friend

ALL OUR DOGS ARE IN FOSTER HOME SETTINGS, NEVER PUT IN A SHELTER,OR BOARDED. Our foster homes have STAY-AT-HOME, non-working FOSTER PARENTS. This helps the dog in learning housebreaking and behavior modifications. For those dogs with medical problems, it helps with treatment, healing or working through the medical conditions. The dogs will not be shown until an application is approved. All our dogs are neutered or spayed, have had dental done if needed, heartworm tested, current on shots and/or any other medical treatment that each would require. If you would like to adopt one of our wonderful little dogs, please complete our application which will be e-mailed to you. It must be completely filled out or will not be considered or put on file. All of our applications are kept on file for 60 days. You are welcome to re-submit another after the 60 day period. . We do compromise on some of our adoption fees when it comes to our special needs and/or elderly dogs.
Small Barkers
P.O. Box 433
Mayville ,MI 48744
Fax & Phone: (989) 761-7062

If you call, a message will be heard because of the fax use. IF someone is IN THE OFFICE, and hears a message being left they will pick up the phone">

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