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Berrien County Animal Control provides services in the manner of an animal shelter and the administration/law enforcement of animal affairs.

Adopting a friend

Our hours are M-F 8:30-4:30 and the second Saturday of every month we are here 9-1. Adoptions of dogs and cats including kittens and puppies are possible. There is a $25 spay/neuter (S/N) fee which is rebated at the time of S/N. On a dog adoption the County of Berrien will match the $25 for a total rebate of $50. Total adoption fee for dogs is $50.00 if not S/N and $25 if they are S/N. Cat adoption fee is $30.00 if they are not spayed or neutered. If they are fixed then it is $10.00. The County does not match for cats. Some local vets will also provide a health check within 72 hours and give a discount toward S/N. B.C.A.C has NO euthanasia policy: this means that we set no times on our animals. We had a dog for nine months before finding him a wonderful forever home. We only euthanize if the animal is too sick for treatment, at the owners request, or they are very aggressive and would be a danger to the public. This has been our policy for 14 years.


Donations are always welcome, needed, and appreciated. Material donations may include kitten/puppy chow, dog food, cleaning towels, cleaning supplies, bleach, etc. Cash donations will go toward the building fund, medical supplies, medical care, care and upkeep of the animal.
Berrien County Animal Control
9204 Huckelberry Road
Berrien Center, MI 49102
Phone: 269-471-7531

Email: Val Grimes
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