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Jandy's Home

Jandy's Home

For a great pet boarding facility, check out Family Pet Lodge. They donate 20% of all profits to animal rescue!

5/25/12: To the ASS that dumped a litter of 5 week old kittens at my house: They crawled out of the plastic tub you put them in, withOUT food and water on a 90 degree holiday weekend, luckily I found them tonight before their organs shut down. But believe it or not, I can't take every cat or kitten an irresponsible owner wants to get rid of. You have until Tuesday to reclaim them or they will be taken to the county shelter and are guaranteed to be euthanized.

Our Adoptable Pet List


Email: jandyshome (at)
Adoption fee is $75 per animal, 2 for $125.
Adoption hours for November & December: Fridays, 6-9pm and Saturdays from noon-4pm, other times available by appointment! 6330 Snow Ave SE, Alto, MI We have awesome kitties for adoption! All cats are currently at a home in Alto, email us if you're interested in meeting them! Visit their webpages then come and meet them! We can also arrange adoption hours evenings and weekends by appointment.

Why adopt when FREE KITTENS are everywhere??

Free kittens are the scourge of overpopulation and rescue groups. Why? Because free kittens (and their mothers) are rarely "fixed" before being given away, and they are never tested for disease or given appropriate parasite control. That puts you, your children, and other household pets at risk!!! Not to mention the heartbreak and veterinary bills when it turns out your kitty has a fatal disease that should have been detected before you took it. If you are a responsible pet owner you will have the following done to your "free" kitten: vaccines ($40 office visit + $25 vaccines), FIV/feleuk test ($50), spay/neuter ($65 males, $80 females), microchipped ($75), revaccinated ($40 office visit + $25 vaccines), wormed ($20), flea treated ($25). And that is the bare minimum. Not so FREE anymore, is it?

The more animals adopted from rescue groups, the more room to take in these "free" street kittens and get them the health care they should have. All the cats benefit when that happens!!

The change to a no-kill world begins with YOU. It starts with only supporting and adopting from shelters who are no kill. As long as people give the killing facilities business, they will continue to stay IN business.

Gift cards to pet supply stores are ALWAYS welcome!

Who We Are

Jandy's Home is a no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization. We jumped head first into Hurricane Katrina rescue and have been busy ever since.

WE BELIEVE all animals have a right to life. We know we can't help all that are out there, but we are dedicated to quality for each animal that we come across. If they are unfriendly and feral, we spay/neuter, provide medical care for all injuries, and give them a shot to kill worms and fleas. They are returned to where we found them if the area is safe, or relocated if it is not. If given to the Humane Society or animal shelter they would be euthanized on the spot.
Our efforts focus on spay/neuter and rescue. We get out of bed to chase down an "injured stray at 68th st. & division". Without us such animals live in pain or slowly die.
All of our adoptable animals come with shots & vaccines, are dewormed and given flea/earmite/heartworm prevention, and are of course spayed or neutered. We also microchip each pet which guarantees that we will be contacted if the animal ever shows up at a shelter. **Barn cats are not microchipped. This is available upon request for $15**. We are committed to these animals for life.

Adopting a friend

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