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We are a small, home based rescue league. We take in stray or unwanted pets and provide them with a safe, loving environment and veterinary care until they are placed into forever homes. We have a small network of fosters that we work with as well. We believe that all animals are God's creatures. As we operate out of our homes and have pets of our own, we don't foster huge numbers of animals. However, we are committed to taking excellent care of the animals we have and it is our mission to find the best possible homes for them. We believe in sterilization and if our fosters aren't mature enough to be altered while in our care, we require that our adopters agree to do so when the time is appropriate.

Adopting A Friend

Please check out our adoptable pets (listed below) and consider giving one a loving home. As we operate out of our homes, we do not have an actual "shelter". If you'd like to see a specific pet, please feel free to e-mail us with any questions you may have. If you are interested in adoption we will e-mail you an application and we can make an appointment to speak in person or set up a time when we can speak on the phone. A HOME VISIT MAY ALSO BE REQUIRED. We charge an adoption fee to cover the costs that we incur while that animal is in our care.


A cat is a companion, not a commodity. Cats are surrendered and disgarded outdoors at an alarming rate. Our society is literally crawling with them. The sad thruth is that nearly 9 out of 10 cats who enter community shelters never leave alive. Please be as committed to your cat as he is to you. His life depends on it! Also, please know that we rescue a lot of pit bulls and pit mixes and we believe in their cause. Please take the time to visit such sites as www.pbrc.net and www.bestfriends.org for great, realistic information on the breed. Please remember, there is no such thing as a bad dog. There are only bad owners. The dogs you see on the news are not well-socialized, properly managed family oriented dogs. So please take time to research and don't believe everything you hear!

If you have a chance, please search "Born to Die Pets" on the web and click on the link. It's very sad, so please be prepared. However, we're telling everyone we know about it because it gives a realistic look at just how many animals die each year in shelters in our country simply because they're unwanted. People often believe that pure bred dogs and cats don't end up at shelters, but that simply isn't true. Animals from all walks of life are abused and unwanted. We wish everyone would think twice before taking on a pet. They should be treated like family members and not given away when they become old news or too much trouble. And, everyone out there should think twice before considering pet shops and breeders. Yes, these pets are beautiful, but when you watch the "Born to Die" clip you can see exactly why we don't need to purposely bring more animals into this cruel world.


Every time we turn around there's another plea for help, especially with unwanted cats & kittens. Unfortunately, we turn away a lot of beautiful animals simply because we don't have enough space and there aren't enough homes for them to go to. Folks, please tell everyone you know to have their pets sterilized in order to help control the terrible over population issue. And, if you're interested in fostering, PLEASE GET INVOLVED. All that fostering requires is your time, your love, and a temporary home for the animal until a permanent home is found. We furnish all supplies and take care of all vet costs incurred while the animal is in your care. Helping an unwanted pet go into a loving home is one of the most rewarding experiences you'll ever know.!


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