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If you are interested in adopting an IMPS minpin, please fill out and submit online our Potential Home Questionnaire by clicking on: I Want to Adopt a Friend!

Who We Are

The Internet Miniature Pinscher Service, Inc. (IMPS) was formed in July of 1998. IMPS is a non-profit organization of dedicated rescue volunteers devoted to the Miniature Pinscher and serving the United States and Canada. We have Regional Coordinators covering every state who maintain lists of available minpins in need of homes. You have reached the Petfinder page for the New York State Region.

The IMPS mission is to improve the lives of homeless and abandoned Miniature Pinschers through rescue and the love and respect that comes with humane care, compassion and kindness.

IMPS attempts to assist Miniature Pinschers in need by providing foster care, transport, adoptive homes, veterinary care, and other services and information for the well-being of Miniature Pinschers. All Miniature Pinschers placed through IMPS will be spayed or neutered prior to placement, and have been thoroughly evaluated by a breed representative for temperament and training needs. IMPS requires reimbursement of all necessary veterinary costs (eg. the cost of the spay/neuter, microchipping, and any veterinary care required prior to placement), and in some instances, travel costs. A donation to the organization is requested with each adoption so that we may continue to care for chronically ill and/or severely injured foster dogs. In all cases, any expenses related to the adoption will be agreed upon prior to placement. While the Adoption expenses may be negotiable for some dogs, please remember that the care and upkeep of a dog, even the "King of Toys", requires some financial outlay, and if a small placement expense is beyond your means, you may wish to consider a pet which does not require as much care as the Miniature Pinscher.

Come Visit Us!

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Come join our IMPS MI Volunteer group!! URGENT- We are in urgent need of volunteers to serve as IMPS Foster Homes for our many homeless MI min pins throughout Michigan State. Please think about opening up your heart and home to a homeless min pin and save a life! It is rewarding work when you find the perfect family and home for one of our deserving min pins. We are also in need of volunteers for home visits, shelter checks, pick ups and transportation throughout Michigan State. Please fill out and submit an online volunteer application at I Want to Volunteer! Thank you!

Thank you, IMPS Michigan Volunteers! You are truly our soldiers on the front line of rescue. We gratefully acknowledge our many dedicated and hard working IMPS MI Rescue Volunteers throughout Michigan State, who serve in many capacities -- fostering, doing home visits and checking shelters. Many of these wonderful volunteers started out by adopting a rescued dog and then became more involved in rescue work.

For all inquiries regarding the Michigan State Regional Division of IMPS, please email

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