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Rescue report 2015

Well everybody here it is, the yearly report for MGPR.    Sorry it’s a little late but we have been busy with DOGS!!!!

This past year we handled a total of 59 dogs.  Where do they all come from??? That’s what we want to know,  but they keep coming.   We have also provided lots of counseling and breed education to people of what to expect from a Great Pyrenees.  We also assisted in closing down a puppy mill in the state along with helping some mixed Great Pyrenees along the way.  This program has been a success due to everybody’s  help when and where they can help.  We cannot function without you.  All of you are important.  So I would like to personally send Thank You’s  to the following:

Denver, my poor husband who agrees to help out just one more dog that needs help and go on road trips all over to get them from point a to b.  For all the dog baths he does and training of the dogs that come in and know nothing, and the fact he never complains.  We all love you. J

Angie and Pete Mozer,  my angels from heaven above.  They have been nothing but a blessing with more road trips getting dogs, poor Pete.  Providing  housing for  dogs,  bathing and grooming , feeding and vetting and loving the unwanted,  skinny, and  old dogs that need just a little longer to find the right home for them. 

Erin Hanson.  For keeping an eye on the shelters and alerting us when dogs need help.  For bailing dogs out and transportation to get them to us, to find the right home for them.

Anna Keim.  For transportation help all over.  This lady has no boundaries to help a Pyrenees get to the right home.  Thank you to her and her husband and all of the miles they donate. 

Perry and Carol Valle for transportation from the other end of the state.  They are always willing to drop everything and go and get a dog if needed. 

Mike and Besty Mehr for the donation of dog food to the program just because someone is going to need it and the dogs are hungry.

Nancy Hingst for the donation of dog food too. She loves her 2 rescues.

Susan Driksna  for going on road trips to who knows where to pick up a dog.  For the TLC she provides the dogs in the afternoons with extra treats and walking and attention.  They love her and she loves them too.  She is a great help and neighbor and yes she has a rescue dog too.

Angie Aleksa  for doing all the posting and monitoring on Facebook and Petfinder to give me a break so I can do the other stuff.  She also keeps our webpage updated

We would like to thank the following businesses for their past support:

Annabelle’s Pet Station, Capitol Ave. Lansing , 48933

Pet Supplies Plus, Lansing, Saginaw  and S.Pennsylvania Ave

Joey's Pet Outfitters, Williamston, MI

Adopting A Friend

Please send us an email request for an adoption application.

Please keep checking back we are expecting more Pyrenees that will need your loving homes!!
All dogs have been temperament tested and initial vet care provided.

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We are a small group of concerned Pyrenees breeders and pet owners providing homes for unwanted, abandoned, misplaced, and stray Great Pyrenees. We have been serving as Michigan's rescue representatives for the Great Pyrenees Club of America for the past 30+ years. The future of this breed is in our hands and we hope to make a difference.

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