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Pippin came to us Monday, July 30th. He's a feisty, young man with a pretty severe flea allergy. We're looking forward to seeing him with an entire body of fur as he heals. Because Pippin is such a true to breed, Jack Russell, we've enrolled him in private training lessons with free group lessons for life! These lessons are transferable to his adoptive family. Our trainer loves him and would like to see him learn agility after we master the basics. We hear determined, smart, and relentless when it comes to Pippin. He is as Jack Russelly as a Jack Russell gets!


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Cici's litter!

Thank you to Bernice, the Ewing's, Megan, Thad, and Laura for welcoming these adorable pups into your homes! We are so proud of how we were able to save these little guys and we literally could not have done it without the wonderful adopters that stepped up to help us save their lives.

Who We Are

Formerly an all breed rescue for cats and dogs, we're coming back with a focus on Jack Russell Terrier rescue.

We have limited space as all of our fosters/rescues are kept in our home but it gives us the advantage of knowing each animal individually.

We do not accept owner surrender animals as all of our fosters come from Jackson County Animal Control.

All of our cats and dogs are fully vetted, including spay/neuter, prior to being placed up for adoption.

Why We Are

Every year 6-8 million cats & dogs enter shelters. Every year 3-4 million cats & dogs are euthanized in those shelters. There are not enough homes for the pets that have already been born, much less all those being bred. If all breeding stopped today, it would take six years to even out the pet to home ratio!

One adoptive family at a time, we hope to spread overpopulation awareness and promote spay/neuter of all companion animals.

Because we share our home with three Jack Russells and have been owned by one for ten years, we feel confident that we can do the breed justice when finding adoptive homes. They're wonderful, difficult dogs that often find themselves in shelters through no fault of their own.

Adopting a friend

Please contact us for an adoption questionnaire. We screen potential adopters through references and home visits.
Thank you to PetMeds for your rescue donation program! Our pets and foster pets are parasite free!

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