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We have many cats that are in great need of homes. please take the time to adopt one of our well needing cats.  We can not accept any more until some of the kitties we have are adopted.  We do have some dogs that are left yet that are still looking for homes. they are all very sweet and lovely babies. each with their own personalities. Please wont you take the time to come by and meet these sweet deserving souls that so badly need you today?

Adopting A Friend

all applications can be found at www.fewstepsfromhome.com

Important information when applying to adopt a pet:

Please fill out the appropriate application to adopt one of our pets that are currently looking for homes. We ask for 3 personal references and a veterinarian's phone number. If you currently do not have any pets in your home and have not in the last 2 years, we may waive the vet check. We must have all phone numbers listed in order to correctly process your application. Filling out an application does not  mean that you will get the pet. Many factors will be considered such as if you are the first applicant, if you have the application filled out correctly, and if we feel that the animal will be a good fit for your household.

  • Please fill out the entire online application. Links to the application are located at the top of this page.

  • Be sure to have all of the correct information listed such as a vet telephone number. This will help us process the application much faster.

  • Be aware that the process could take up to 7 business days

  • No on the spot adoptions at events.

  • We have the right to decline any application.

  • We will contact you by phone or e-mail upon approval or denial

  • Once you have been approved for the pet of your choice, we then ask you to meet with the animal you have selected before adoption for several hours if you have not already done so.  At this time we are able to answer any questions for you.

  • No outdoor pets will be adopted out under any circumstances. We do not adopt to anyone with outdoor pets.

  • Please remember, Few Steps from Home is entirely volunteer-run, we are not paid, so please be patient with us as many of us work and have families of our own take care of, along with many many foster pets to care for.

Our Adoption Fees
  • Cats that have been spayed/neutered are $100
  • Cats that have not been spayed/neutered are $80.00 plus a $35 spay/neuter deposit
  • Adoption costs for dogs can range from $100.00 to $300.00 depending on the vet care we have provided
  • Puppies under 4 months of age are to be determined depending on vet care provided plus a $75.00 refundable deposit after spay or neuter proof is shown

Additional adoption information for “Bully Breeds”:
  • You must fill out the specific Pit Bull application.  General dog applications will not be accepted when applying for a pit bull. 
  • You must be 21 years or older.
  • To adopt a Pit Bull or "Bully Breed" you can not be in a rental unit.  You must own your home.
  • You must be willing to allow us to do a home check if necessary

Information about our adoptable pets:
  • We are limited on many of the animals background information. Many come from animal controls across the country, so we only can take an educated guess on the background based on the animals behavior.
  • Many animals come to us severally abused and neglected. Many need to go through extensive rehabilitation while in rescue.
  • All animals in our care are temperament tested by a trained professional. 
  • Be aware that many rescued animals will not be perfect and will need ongoing care after adoption.
  • We do not withhold any information be it good or bad about the animals being adopted.
  • We strive to place all animals in our care into the "right" home based on many things.  By filling out the application, providing us with references, and allowing us if necessary, to come for a home visit, this enables us to get a better "feel" for the right home for both the animal as well as the family.

If you have further questions please feel free to e-mail us at dogrescue0146@gmail.com for questions about dogs or petrescue70@gmail.com for questions about cats.

Thank you for your time and cooperation!

Who We Are

Few Steps From Home Animal Rescue is a  volunteer-run rescue committed to helping dogs and cats across the USA.  Few Steps From Home was formed to help unwanted and abused animals get the medical attention that they need and find them responsible homes that they are able to remain in.  We believe every pet deserves a Happily Ever After.  Help us to help the animals who are just a Few Steps From Home to find their Forever Home.  Consider adopting, donating or volunteering today!

Come Visit Us

all dogs are located in personal foster homes except for about 2, which are located in a wonderful kennel in Midland Michigan.  The dogs all need appointments to be set up to be viewed.please contact dogrescue0146@gmail.com


Cats are all located in a centralized location and do need an appointment to be viewed.  Please contact Linda at Petrescue70@gmail.com

Contact Few Steps From Home INC.


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