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To Rescue and Responsibly re-home abandoned, neglected and abused pit bull and pit bull mixed dogs.

WHO WE ARE: The Buster Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and re-homing pit bulls and bully breed mixes.  Through decades of cruelty, unethical breeding and irresponsible ownership, a once beloved family dog has now found itself the victim of discrimination and abuse, and a source of misdirected public fear. We believe that every dog is an individual, deserving of a loving home, proper care, and a fair shake, regardless of breed.  We hope our efforts lead to a better educated and more compassionate public.

The Buster Foundation is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization, and does not operate a shelter. All Buster dogs are cared for in foster homes by volunteers who commit their homes and free time to rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption efforts. We make every effort to have a volunteer respond to inquiries and questions within 72 hours. Please be patient and do try again to reach us if you have not received a response within this time frame. 

We are always in need of:

Committed, loving foster families to care for, prepare and help our dogs find their forever homes.

Dedicated volunteers with a positive outlook to help Buster get the word out, raise money to support our dogs and mission, and take care of the day to day tasks involved with running an animal rescue.

AND..... Volunteers to help us toward our dream of a facility of our own where we cantake in emergency rescues until a foster home can be found, where we can host training and awareness classes for our volunteers and the public.


In response to the negative campaign other local groups and individuals have in recent months waged against the Buster Foundation, our organization - officers, board and dedicated volunteers - would like to express our sincere apologies to anyone who has been offended by these actions and words.  

Many of you have known and supported us for well over a decade,  and we believe you have faith in the work that the Buster Foundation has done, and continues to do - our work, after all, is about the dogs.  We ask that you remain objective and trust that Buster will continue to provide superior care and love to the breed that we have fought so diligently, for so many years, to save.  


 To our many donors, supporters, friends and volunteers over the years....
Without your generous support, Buster would not be able to continue our mission. 
YOU are Buster's Heros!
As most of our followers know, the "Pit Bull" was once America's Dog, America's Hero, and symbol of our nation's greatness. How heartbreaking it is to see what we must go through as an owner, advocate, and rescuer of these beautiful, strong, loving dogs.
Show your Pride today by adopting or fostering one of these dogs that needs us so desperately.Need of our love, our trust, and our promise to give them the good life they deserve!
For a list of all of our available dogs, in all colors, shapes, and sizes,
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The Buster Foundation
Our Adoptable Pet List : : : Our Happy Tails!