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Bottle Babies Kitten Rescue

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Unseen they suffer. Unheard they cry. In agony they linger. In loneliness they die. Please help to save the innocent.

Bottle Babies Kitten Rescue would like to thank Guardians For Animals for generously providing permanent enclosures, located at the Troy Petco, 1217 Coolidge Highway, Troy MI 48084-7012, 248-643-0694. Come by and visit all of our cats and kittens during Petco’s regular business hours of 9am and 9pm. Feel free to fill out an application located on top of the white enclosures on the green clip board if you find a pet that interests you. The applications are checked daily. Please make sure to include the name of the cat/kitten you are interested in taking to their new home. Bottle Babies Kitten Rescue, an affiliate of Guardians For Animals, asks you to please visit the Guardians For Animals web-site. We urge you to read the mission statement and to donate generously. Every dollar you donate helps to save a life. Please help to save the innocent. .


We invite you to come see us at the Troy Petco every Saturday from 11:00AM until 4:00PM! We are available not only for adoptions of our cats and kittens, but also to answer any health or behavioral questions you may have regarding your companion animals. We always have plenty of informative literature available for you. Please feel free to seek our friendly advice or educational materials. Come and find you new Best Friend at Petco with Bottle Baby Kitten and Cat Rescue.

Who We Are

Bottle Babies Kitten Rescue is dedicated to saving orphaned kittens who have lost their mother, but are still dependent on mothers milk or formula. To that end we take in kittens that other organizations can't or won't. As a matter of fact we get most our kitten from those very groups. We make it our mission to see that they get every opportunity to live long, happy and healthy lives. Depending on their age when we get them, we bottle feed them for 1-5 weeks, every two hours! Then we keep them in our house, free range, we like to call it, until we can find just the right home for them. This is a no-kill program. They stay with us until they are adopted. That's why you will find some older cats on our site. Bottle Bab ies Kitten Rescue works in concert with Guardians For Animals

Adopting a friend

We ask that you come and visit our kittens before you decided just by a picture that a certain cat is the one you want. More often than not, a kitten ends up choosing you! We then have an application we ask you to fill out and after we approve it there is an adoption fee of $100.00. This covers some of our out of pocket expenses for formula and veterinary care. When adopting a cat/kitten from Bottle Babies Kitten Rescue you will receive the pets Health Certificate which includes their up to date vaccine history, as well as the date of their spay/neuter. If you adopt one of our pets at The Troy Petco, you will receive a coupon booklet valued at $70.00 to help you meet the needs of you newest family members, such as food, litter, toys and other needed supplies.

Come Visit Us!

Petco 1217 Coolidge Hwy Troy, Mi 48083
Bottle Babies Kitten Rescue
10064 Vernon Ave
Huntington Woods, MI 48070
Phone: 248-586-2287

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