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It is the purpose of Ontonagon County Animal Protection (OCAP) to protect and promote the health and welfare of domestic animals within the laws of the State of Michigan. We also work to educate and inform the public about proper pet and animal care.


OCAP is an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff. We operate a shelter at 19504 M-38 in Ontonagon MI, built with funds from donations and a three-year county-wide millage of $168,000 that expired in 2011. The majority of shelter operating revenues used for for utilities, maintenance, food, and veterinary services come from memberships, donations, and fundraisers and have not kept pace with expenses. To establish a source of stable funding, OCAP requested millage of 0.15 mils for four years starting in 2013. This is equal to 15 cents per thousand dollars of taxable property value ($4.50 per year on $30,000.00). We are grateful that the voters of Ontonagon County approved this millage to support the shelter.

At this time, OCAP does not have the resources to keep the shelter open for walk-in visits except most Saturdays from 1-4pm EST, but anyone interested in meeting our adoptable pets can call Jan at (906-884-2429) for an appointment to see the cats and Anne Lundberg (906-390-0167 / 906-884-6722) to see the dogs. We are always happy to show our residents to potential families at a time convenient for them with no expectation of adoption.

This shelter is a No-Time-Limit Shelter. Because we must limit the number of animals we can accommodate and still maintain a healthy environment, and because we do not euthanize healthy animals to make room for new ones, we may not be able to accept all animals we are asked to take. All animals accepted into the shelter are loved and cared for until the right home is found

If OCAP cannot accept an animal, we will work with the surrendering party to help find options other than euthanasia. In the case of unwanted pets, owners will be asked to do whatever they can on their own to find suitable homes for their pets before asking the shelter to take on that responsibility.

OCAP volunteers work with the animals in our care to ensure a smooth transition into a new family. We adopt only to homes that consider pets to be part of the family, which means they will be treated with lifelong love, care, and respect. Our adoption fees are considerably less than the cost to adopt a so-called free pet and then assume the expense of spaying/neutering, worming, flea and tick control, and basic vaccinations. Our goal is to find good homes for our residents, not to make money on them


OCAP needs families to foster animals that cannot be placed in the shelter. It could be a nursing mother that needs a quiet place to raise her newborns or an injured, old, or special-needs animal that needs more individual attention. It could also be that the shelter is full, and we need somewhere for an animal to live until a spot opens up. If you are interested in fostering cats, please call Jan (906-884-2429) or dogs call Anne (906-390-0167 / 906-884-6722) to discuss.

OCAP also needs people to work with the animals in the shelter and keep their living quarters clean. If you are interested in helping with the dogs, please call Anne Lundberg(906-390-0167 / 906-884-6722) and if you're interested in helping in the cat area, call Janet Wolfe (906-884-2429).

And finally, OCAP always needs funds for general operations and for special programs. Although we have no paid staff, shelter expenses increase with the number of animals we support and their individual needs. We also offer two programs to help animals and their owners or caretakers with veterinary expenses. The first is a contract loan program through which people can borrow money for spaying/neutering or high-cost medical expenses that they otherwise couldn’t afford. If OCAP approves their applications, they can borrow the money interest free. When they repay the loans, the funds are then available to others. The second is a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program through which cats in feral colonies are trapped, fixed, and released back into the colony to live out their years without reproducing. This is an important program, because a single female and her offspring can produce over 400,000 new cats in seven years. Caretakers feeding the animals in the colonies are asked to help with the trapping, but OCAP covers the veterinary expenses. For more information on either of these programs, call Jan at (906-884-2429).



The physical address of shelter is 19504 M-38 (open by appointment).

Correspondence can be mailed to OCAP, PO Box 315, Ontonagon MI 49953.

To make an appointment to see our adoptable cats, call Jan Wolfe (906-884-2429). For adoptable dogs, call Dayle LaBine (906-231-0776)

To volunteer in the cat area, contact Janet Wolfe (906-884-2429 or jwolfe2@jamadots.com)

To volunteer in the dog area, call Dayle LaBine (906-231-0776)

For General Information, contact OCAP President Dot Phillips (906-869-9291 or ddodobird@aol.com)