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Please take off your dogs collar when putting them in their crate.

 If you have a furry friend at home that you have adopted from us, another rescue, shelter or wherever; PLEASE - WE ARE BEGGING YOU.... NEVER, EVER, LET YOUR DOG BE OUTSIDE OF YOUR FENCE, OFF IT'S LEASH, NO MATTER WHAT TYPE OF BREED IT MAY BE!!! In one month, (3) of our adopted furry friends were hit by cars & have crossed the Rainbow Bridge way too soon because their owners felt they were trained & would not dart out of their own yards. No matter how well trained your canine is, DON'T HAVE THE ATTITUDE "IT CAN'T HAPPEN TO ME". PLEASE, learn from someone else's mistake. NEVER allow your furry best friend, the one that gives you all of that unconditional love, to be untethered when NOT in a confined area

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 If you are emailing us, please fill in the subject line of your email. Please add the name of animal you are interested in adopting, donation, fostering, volunteering, etc. This will help to make answering your emails a little easier faster. Thanks!


If you are interested in one of our dogs, please email ccrl60@yahoo.com 



Who We Are

"Critter Connection" was founded in 1996. we are a 501(c)3 non -profit, no-kill canine rescue group, operated totally by its volunteers. It serves the residents of Oakland County, MI as well as all of the surrounding areas. We exist solely on the generosity of your donations, adoption fees of the animals and MOST IMPORTANTLY, FOSTER HOMES. No federal, state or local governmental funds are provided to us. Over 200 rescued pets are adopted into carefully screened homes each year. Our main goal at "Critter Connection" is to provide loving forever homes for unwanted animals & to help end the inhumane or unlawful treatment & disposal of unwanted animals. The volunteers of "Critter Connection" simply love these animals & want to see them adopted into permanent loving homes. Our goal is to rescue as many of these innocent animals we possibly can & give them a second chance at life. All of our animals are kept in foster homes. We do NOT have a shelter!!!

We do not adopt dogs into homes with kids under 5 yrs old 
We do not do out of state adoptions 

Because of past bad experiences, we will ONLY conduct local adoptions!! We will only let our furry friends be adopted within a 15-20 mile radius of where we do our pet adoptions. This is ANY canine - puppies included. Please understand our concern is for the well being of our furry friends.


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 Please email ccrl60@yahoo.com for adoption location

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